Keeping Your Baby Safe

All new parents worry about the safety of their babies. No matter how many children you have, you will always worry. Many a parent has joked about using duct tape and bubble wrap in order to keep their little one out of harm’s way so that we can tend to a chore or go to the bathroom, no one actually does it. So we look for products that can allow our baby a sense of freedom while giving us the sense of security we need in order to sleep or eat a meal. Here are a few recommended items and techniques that can help you provide security and allow your little one to explore the world.

Rollovers will Happen

A baby will often hit a milestone when you least expect it. Even if you are expecting it, they often wait until you aren’t looking for them to do it. For weeks, a friend’s baby was trying to roll over and only going about halfway. When did the child finally do it? On the day that baby had a major messy diaper and dad was changing her on his desk. He turned for just a moment and that was it, the baby rolled over. Fortunately, the baby was not harmed! This is a natural concern for anyone who is a new parent and dealing with rollovers. For many parents, the first rollover happens in the crib. We all know that babies should be on their backs until they are crawling so when they do roll over in the crib, we get nervous. Now we can find breathable mattresses, like the ones made by Newton Baby, or no-roll mattresses to stave off overnight rollovers. It will certainly make it easier for you to sleep at night!

Make the Holidays Pleasant

There is no doubt that a new parent has researched safety tips to make your home a safe haven for the little one. The holidays can bring about a new perspective on safety as well. Whether you are staying home to host family or traveling, there are a few concerns that could pop up. If your baby is crawling and starting to pull themselves up, now is a good time to consider securing your holiday tree by a hook on the ceiling. It will keep the tree from falling on top of your child should your adventurous baby decide to grab a branch or a string of lights. You can also take the time to put your most precious and expensive ornaments at the top, leaving durable or “less important” items at the bottom.

It is also important to keep your schedule as close to the one you routinely keep. The holidays are strenuous enough for adults, imagine how overwhelming the family and all the pretty lights and baubles are for an infant? It’s also a good time to find cute outfits that aren’t extra frilly or restricting. Save the suits and fancy dresses for pictures and allow the baby to explore in a cute and warm holiday onesie.

Entertain Them on Their Own

Although the baby wants to crawl or toddle all over the house, you have housework to be done and phone calls to be made. Now is the time where you need a little restriction. In the old days, we would use baby walkers. Since baby walkers are now found to be a bit too dangerous, there are other options. Swings are a great way to entertain your young one if you need to leave the room for a second, but they don’t offer as much freedom to see and explore. Equipment like Go-Pod or an Excersaucer are fantastic options that allow your child to see everything in the room and have enough gadgets on them to keep them entertained.

Do whatever you feel you need to do to provide a safe haven for your child. As they grow, change those safety plans to meet their needs and allow them to continue exploring the world around them. It will make everything that much easier.


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