Kid Trax Volkswagen Beetle

Kid Trax brings all VW fans the iconic Volkswagen Beetle for the future generation v-dub lovers!IMG_0935-EditThis sporty little roadster is powered by a 12 volt battery that offers hours of play time between charges. A quick lift of the seat gives you easy access to the battery for charging. With one seat the driver has the option of two speeds plus reverse. Newer models offer a two seat options so your little driver can take a friend along.IMG_0952-EditWhile zooming around the LED headlights light up for a more realistic feel. They can even ride in style listening to the radio or hook up an mp3 player and listen to their favorite jams. The dashboard is realistic with a turning key, speedometer, fuel gauge, rpm gauge, navigation and shifter. While making quick trips around the neighborhood your child can toot the real life horn to all their friends while looking stylish sporting “chrome” wheels and other accents.IMG_0938-EditA working drivers side door makes getting in and out easy. The folding mirrors are great for when our little driver makes close calls and hits them on something, rather then breaking off we just fold the mirror back out. Clean up is easy with soap and water.IMG_0936-EditAlthough this Volkswagen Beetle is best suited for ages 2-6 as their is limited leg room my 10 year old manages to squeeze in and whip around the driveway. Although the tires are slick which makes it hard to turn at times it has been noted that Kid Trax corrected this problem and replaced the tires with a rubber traction tire strips to grip the pavement for a safer ride. Das Auto.

Buy It: You can purchase your own Kid Trax Volkswagen Beetle for $279 from our associate!


  1. This car looks so cool! My son would love it

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