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I think everyone can agree that if you live on the East coast you are dying for spring to be here. Personally, I want to find that darn groundhog and shove him so far down his hole that we never see him again… However, this weekend the weather finally warmed up and we were able to get outside! Oh how I have missed being outside. It was so warm, we even broke out the grill to cook! The kids have a play kitchen inside and often cook on it as I am making dinner so when we set our grill up on the patio, we set the Step2 Fixin Fun Outdoor Grill on the kids deck so they could cook along with us!

Step2 Fixin Fun Outdoor Grill

The Fixin Fun Outdoor Grill has the realistic features my kids look for in a pretend toy. The realistic outdoor brick design, clicking grill knobs, lift up grill lid and molded in side burner make it truly look like a real grill! There is even an oven space underneath which is great for storing toys when your child is done playing!

Step2 Fixin Fun Outdoor Grill

The grill comes with a 10 piece cooking set that includes two grilling tools an a Stack ‘n Stay Hot Dog Set which is enough for one child to play with and have fun, but if you have more than one child you might want to invest in a few more Stack ‘n Stay sets! We were sent the Stack ‘N Stay S’mores and the Stack ‘N Stay Hamburgers which were a perfect addition to the grill!

Step2 Fixin Fun Outdoor Grill

The Stack ‘N Stay S’mores came with two plates, two cups, two chocolate bars, four gram crackers and two skewers. Children can roast the marshmallow on the skewer then squish them inside the s’more!

Stack ‘N Stay Smores

Emmitt loved stacking them together and it was a great way to work on his find motor skills!

Stack ‘N Stay S’mores

The Stack ‘N Stay Hamburgers came with two plates, a spatula, a potholder, ketchup, mustard, four bun pieces, two hamburgers, two slices of cheese, two pieces of lettuce and two tomatoes. They stack on top of each other just like the S’more!

Stack ‘N Stay HamburgersMy kids especially loved the hamburgers because they were able to only put the condiments on that they wanted, which most pretend food does not offer!

Stack ‘N Stay Hamburgers

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  1. Amanda @ Mommy of Two Little Monkeys says:

    I want this for my kiddos so bad! Now I want it even more. Those stacking foods are awesome!

  2. The grand kids love to use play foods . My grandson would love this grill – he can pretend to cook just like daddy does. I love this too as I always play with them to so I think I will have them make me a cheeseburger . Thanks for all the pictures too

  3. How cute and what a great alternative to the adorable play kitchens. Step2 truly is awesome both in design and dynamic.

  4. Janet W. says:

    What a cute set! My grandson would love to put his set outside when our family is grilling out on the patio. I love that it has ketchup and mustard, too!

  5. Patty Whittington says:

    I just have to say – that’s my daughter on the Stack & Stay Hamburger box 🙂 I’m a proud momma. And I’ve bought two of them because they are so cool! One to keep for memories of her on the box and one for her to play with!

  6. So cute!

  7. How cute! I love the s’mores set and must think about getting one of these this summer!

  8. I love the marshmallows those are adorable!! 🙂 my nephew may need this in his life for summer time!

  9. This is absolutely adorable. We had something similar years ago when my son was a toddler that he loved. This is a perfect toy for summer!

  10. Mary Gallardo says:

    This is insanely cool! I love the little s’mores play foods! =)

  11. kristy edgington says:

    This is so cute!! esp the marshmallows lol

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