Kodiak Cakes Cookies

We have had some super wacky weather here in Pennsylvania and because of that wacky weather myself and the kids in my house have been more sick this year, than any year before. When I do not feel well, the last thing I want to do is cook. However I always crave baked goods when I am under the weather! When my best friend came down with the flu and could not leave her bed I decided I wanted to get her something other than typical flowers. Something she could really use, like cookies!!

Kodiak Cakes dates back to 1994 and is best known for their hot cakes and “add water only” mixes however they also sell some amazing fresh cookies that are made at their retail store; Bear Country Cookies. The amazing cookies are available in 7 and 16 packs and you get to pick what flavors you want! I knew this would be perfect to brighten her spirits even though she felt horrible!

After much droolingbrowsing over the cookie types I finally decided on Milk Chocolate Chunk, Double Chocolate Chunk, Peanutbutter and Milk Chocolate, Snickerdoodle and a Coconut, Almonds and Dark Chocolate Chunk!

Shipping was much faster than I expected  and they arrived in a beautiful, gifting ready tin! I tied a pretty bow on it and brought it over to my friends house. Her entire kitchen was filled with flowers and get well cards but she smiled bigger than I’d seen in days when she opened my box and saw the 16 cookies, individually wrapped and still super soft!

So if you are looking for a good ”get well soon’ gift that does not cost a ton be sure to check out  Kodiak Cakes Cookies. For 38.00 you can have 16 fresh, individually wrapped cookies delivered to that special someone who is a bit under the weather! 

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