Kolcraft: Sit & Step 2-in-1 Activity Center

Disclosure: The Sit & Step 2-in-1 Activity Center pictured below was sent compliments of Kolcraft.

Caleb is at that stage where he needs to be entertained, consistently. In order to not go insane and have some time for myself and my other children, I rely heavily on baby gear. But not just any kind of baby gear, it has to be fun for a five month old! Right now, Caleb’s most favorite place to hang out in is the Sit & Step 2-in-1 Activity Center that Kolcraft sent us a few weeks ago.

IMG_9853Caleb spends what seems like hours in this thing! The top ring offers many different entertaining and developmental toys to help develop motor skills, and Caleb plays with each and every one of them.

IMG_9858Caleb loves the clicking bee spinner and the crinkle flower mirror the most.

IMG_9867But also spins the bear globe quite often. The two toy loops allowed me to add a few extra toys, a few links and a monkey rattle that plays sound when shaken. This helps keep the activity center play area interesting because I can change up the toys and Caleb never gets bored.

IMG_9864The seat spins 360 degrees for full access to all toys and easily adjusts to fit growing babies, heck it’s even machine-washable in case, well in case life happens!

IMG_9861The Sit & Step 2-in-1 Activity Center is more than just your normal exersaucer because it grows with baby! Above is all pictures of it being used as a stationary activity center, but once Caleb is walking I can easily convert it into a walk-behind walker that will help him take his first steps. All I have to do is pop the wheels out of the base and pop the handle (that stores under the activity center ring) into place and taaa daaaa- walker!


Buy It: You can purchase the Kolcraft Sit & Step 2-in-1 Activity Center for $77.07!

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