LemonAid Crutches

Having a broken bone is no fun. Having a broken bone that you can’t walk on is even worse! Getting from point A to point B is no longer as easy as getting up and walking where you want to go. You can crawl, hop or use crutches to help! When I left the ER after finding out I had indeed broken my bone they sent me home with an ugly, uncomfortable pair of standard crutches that I quickly learned to hate. They were super painful to use and when I gimped around with them they made loud “look at me” squeaks that had everyone with in a mile turning around and looking at me!

I discovered CastCoverZ when searching online for nonsqueaking crutches! CastCoverZ.com offers functional and fashionable products designed to cover casts, walking boots, splints and braces, and companion products to bring relief and comfort to orthopedic patients, including LemonAid Crutches! LemonAid Crutches are made of high-tech, lightweight aluminum construction and are powder-coated for ultimate durability and brilliant color. The crutches are available in three sizes (small, medium and tall) and available in ten beautiful colors.

My favorite color is red, so I was sent the beautiful Candy Apple Red crutches in size medium because I am 5′ 4″. They arrived in about 3 days and I was instantly amazed at the vibrant, deep crimson red. I found that the arm and hand pads were a bit more thick than the standard ones that came from the ER- however they still hurt my arms after lots of use. For relief from that, I added CrutchWear Underarm pads (review coming soon)!

My favorite feature of LemonAid Crutches is their affordability! CastCoverZ offers all-in-one pricing that includes shipping and is super affordable. The ER charged me 115.00 for the ugly, uncomfortable crutches they sent me home in.  CastCoverZ sells LemonAid Crutches for 75.00 with standard shipping included, priority shipping costs 20.00 more and you will get your crutches in 3-5 days.

Buy It: You can purchase LemonAid Crutches for 75.00 from castcoverz.com!



  1. Those are so cool! Who wouldn’t prefer those over the ugly ones sent home from the hospital? I love that they have more padding, too.

  2. Bethany Fields says

    I so wish I would’ve thought of this, what a great invention!

  3. thanks for the great tips will tell my friends about this site.

  4. Jennifer Mae Hiles says

    They are painful, aren’t they?! I had bruises under both my arms from using them, these would have been great. I never even thought to check online for something like this. I figure it’s only a matter of time before my oldest breaks something and she would love the camo ones! I won’t order ahead and jinx it but I probably should bookmark their page!

  5. I love my bubblegum pink crutches with the Hearts to You crutch covers and bag. They are so cute and highly functional. I get compliments on them all the time! I broke both leg bones in my right ankle and needed surgery, 7 screws, etc. I didn’t find out about the LemonAid crutches until about a week after I started using the crutches they gave me at the hospital. I wasn’t allowed to put any weight on my ankle for two months, now I think I’ll need them for at least another month. Even with the priority shipping that comes to about $1 per day. I was initially weary of what the quality was like, but they are better than the ones they gave me at the hospital.

    If you are going to order the crutches, definitely spend the extra and get the crutch covers and bag. I live in the city and don’t own a car, so getting around involves a lot of “crutching”. With the original crutches that I was given at the hospital, I had majorly swollen hands that hurt more than my broken ankle!!! The crutch covers provide the perfect amount of padding and my hands stopped hurting. They are also very comfortable under my arms. The bag is a lifesaver too. It holds my cell phone, wallet, keys, and a bottle of water. I could go on longer, but it looks like a review of those other things are coming soon.

    Also, give them a call if you have any questions. They are super sweet and very aware and sympathetic that you have a broken bone!!!

  6. Shelley Coats says

    These are cute! I great idea for kids to lift their spirits when they’ve suffered an injury!

  7. Michelle Feliciano says

    Those are so cute. Wish I had these when I sprained my ankle.

  8. kelly willis says

    wow i wish i had this when i broke my knee

  9. Again, I am a Nurse in a very busy ER and I will totally tell my pts about these. They are so adorable and totally affordable! They sound so much better than the ones we give you in the ER. I also love the bootie that fitts over the cast that is shown in the picture! Thanks for the information about this and about the Dry Cast. I can’t wait to tell my boss and Charge Nurse about these things and best of all I can’t wait to tell my poor pts about them too. Thank You! I hope you feel better soon!

  10. Rachael Henzman says

    I would have loved to have these when I sprained my ankle a couple months ago. Thanks for the info!

  11. These are great we have a regular boring pair 🙁 time to upgrade

  12. Michelle Spayde says

    If something is visually appealing, it’s a mood booster, so these are fabulous!

  13. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says

    well if you have to have em’, you may as well look good

  14. Faith Gaubault says

    cute, but hoping still we never need them. 🙁

  15. Maureen Butcher says

    Yeah, these are uniquely decorated and of course are oh so practical for people with the pains of broken or sprained bones in their lower extremities.

  16. Lisa Johnston says

    Wow!! Crutches have come a long way. I’m happy to know that if I ever need them I will have stylish crutches to choose from:)

  17. Sarah Osborne says

    What a fun way to make a kid feel better about a broken bone!

  18. Bekah Kuczenski says

    I hope that no one in my family ever needs crutches, but in the event that we do this is a great way to make crutches more tolerable 🙂

  19. Lorraine Tucker says

    where were these about 30 years ago!

  20. How clever is that! Not only do they look cool but the padding will make using them much more comfortable.

  21. Melissa Stoneback-Tuttle says

    These are cool. I broke my foot when I fell off a curb 2 years ago (yeah I know, who falls off a curb right?) and it is definitely NOT fun.

  22. really cool!!!

  23. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says

    cute, if I ever have to have crutches, I want these

  24. ‘Knock on wood’ neither my kids or myself have ever broken a bone, but I’m sure it’s inevitable. This sounds so much better than regular crutches, I’ve heard people comment on how uncomfortable regular ones are, and of course teens (and myself) would be cheered up a bit by having some fun style if we have to be on them. Very cool find Thank You!

  25. Richard Hicks says

    You are right about the dull crutches that are so clinical. I think when you have to live with them for several weeks they might as well be nice looking and comfortable

  26. Good idea! Most people use duck tape lol

  27. jamie tucker says

    that is awesome! what a great idea. since the crutches will be with you for some time might as well make them a statement piece

  28. I’ve never needed to use crutches but I’m sure they are very uncomfortable. Good for you getting something that is more comfortable and fashionable too.

  29. This would be a welcome relief during an already painful time. Thanks!

  30. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says

    I love the Red & Black Boot

  31. How well I remember the pain of bad crutches. These would be great. Any stores sell them?

  32. Chelsea Saulpaugh says

    I love this. I wish they were around when I was in high school especially since fashion was so important to me then.

  33. This is a great idea. I have seen so many people with crutches that have towels duck taped to arms as cushioning.

  34. Sarah Osborne says

    Great idea! I love the zebra print 🙂

  35. such a great idea and i love the prints that are available in the pads-i like the purple polka dot

  36. I love that these can be so fashionable..such a pick me up during a bad time!

  37. Wow this would have been perfect for my mother-in-law when she broke her foot recently!

  38. It’s a shame that you broke your leg and know how uncomfortable and painful it was for you. These crutches are very stylish and would definitely make a fashion statement. Despite the appearance, what is most important is the comfort for you. If I am ever in need, I’m going to check these out. Thanks.

  39. Sherry Compton says

    I’m so sorry about you being hurt…not being able to do the things you are used to is always hard, and crutches are no fun. My daughter broke her toe when she was in the second grade and had to use crutches. Not only are they hard to get around in, but they hurt your underarms. I remember her having to try to stick pads or fold up blankets to try to help ease the pressure.

  40. carren larsen says

    These are so cool. I remember when my sister had those ugly wooden crutches. She got bruises and sores under her arms from them. Wish she had something like this then.

  41. What a fabulous idea! makes a difficult time a bit easier!

  42. Audra Weathers says

    Neat idea; I’m sure kids/teens would appreciate these. Knock on wood, I’ve never needed crutches, but if I did these cover would cheer me up a bit. 🙂

  43. These are fantastic. My 12 year old recently had to use crutches and it was very traumatic for her as they are super dorky. She would have loved these!!!

  44. very stylish!

  45. I love that there are fun fashionable options to make a hard situation a bit easier to deal with! These are awesome.

  46. Mia Dentice Carey says

    not sure if my comment posted….these look so much better than hand towels and wash clothes taped on the crutch

  47. Cassandra Eastman says

    Wow, how crutches have changed! My husband tore every ligament in his knee right before we got married… these look much more comfy than what he got! The also look fun for kids!

  48. these look cool!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. These are the coolest! What an awesome idea. Now kids can be stylish and fun. 🙂

  50. Kristy Bodle says

    I wish my husband had something like this when he had knee surgery. His armpit was so sore from using them.

  51. kristin jarrett says

    love it, wish there was something like that around when i needed it.

  52. Love the different color options

  53. such a fun idea! i’m sure you would get lots of compliments with these on your crutches!

  54. If you have to be on crutches, why not be cute and in style? Such a neat product!

  55. Carrie Phelps says

    I couldn’t have come across your post at a better time! I broke a bone in my foot in two places and am on crutches for the next four weeks and an air cast for the next eight weeks. Thank you! My arm pits are killing me!!

  56. Wow… so much better than the terrible crutches from the ER. I know what you’re talking about. hehe.

    I broke my ankle a couple years ago. Wish I’d known about this company then.

  57. Victoria M. says

    I wish they had these at my doctor’s office instead of the gray, boring ones.

  58. ahh

  59. bill elliott says

    Great idea, wish these were around a few years ago when i broke my leg

  60. charlene k says

    This is good to know if the need arises (hopefully not).

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