Litter Robot

We recently added two beautiful kittens to our family. Apollo and Artemis are great kittens who are both super cuddly. We absolutely love them and they have become two very pampered- very spoiled kitties. We strive to make sure that they have the best- just like we do with our kids. Their food and cat treats are healthy and high quality, and we keep the litter box clean at all times.

Well- we try to keep the litter box clean at all times, But with six kids and school right around the corner sometimes I forget. There are times when it could really need a cleaning, but something else pops up. Also really, who likes cleaning a cat box? Gross right? So I started searching around for something that would daily change the litter box for me. I found something better

The Litter-Robot is a covered, self cleaning cat litter box that really does change the litter for you! The globe on top holds the litter and has an entry door for your cats to go inside and- well go!. The large waste drawer below holds dirty litter in a trash bag until you empty it. The globe on top spins and the waste is caught and ends up in the drawer below. All you have to do when it is time to change the litter, is pull out the trash bag, tie it and put a new trash bag in. It is as simple at that.

To be honest I was a bit hesitant to try this out. I figured anything with a price tag like this (359.99)  would need super expensive supplies to work properly like special litter, pads or chemicals. Well you don’t. The Litter-Robot works with regular clumping cat litter. There are no liners, special bags, chemicals or other supplies you have to purchase. You use  stick a normal kitchen trash bag in the bottom to collect the dirty litter and your good to go.

I love that the Litter-Robot has a special sensor on the inside. The sensor lets the robot know when the cat steps on the lip on the outside. Then seven minutes later, the Litter-Robot will rotate and all the dirty litter will be moved to the drawer below. Assembly was super simple. All I had to do was put the globe on top and stick a trash bag in the drawer. Plug it in and add litter. Press the button on, and that is it. Your Litter-Robot will be ready to go.

The Litter-Robot will automatically clean itself when it senses a cat been inside or you  can do it yourself to get your cats used to it at first. This is what we did, an this is what we have one for a while because our kittens were so tiny.  Every other day I pull out the trash bag and stuck another one. Every few months Litter-Robot recommends that you trash all the litter, and wash out the top globe just like you would your regular cat box so it doesn’t accumulate odors. The bottom drawer has an odor seal so you will not smell anything from the dirty litter.

The Litter-Robot is made in the USA! It has an 18 month warranty and a 90 day money back guarantee. Shipping is free. They offer refurbished units, and payment plans. This company really wants everyone to be able to experience how awesome they are!

Buy It: You can purchase the Litter Robot for 339.99!


  1. Victoria Russell says

    Ok – I have a friend who got one of these and I was so curious! She loves it but just got it – your review is making this at the top of my Want List!

  2. Diane K. Brimmer says

    I am jealous! I want one. I have allergies and I can’t smell anything and less it is real strong. So this would be great for me. Thanks for the review.

  3. momma cat had kittens and now we have 5 cats in the house til they are old enough to go

  4. Jennifer W. (Auri Lae) says

    Wow, super cute!

  5. wow this is way cool I have a house full of cats 5 of my own and I also take in foster cats from shelters that need help so anything cat I could use

  6. That’s just too cool!

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