Little Tikes: DiscoverSounds Shape Sort and Scatter

Every time one of the kids gets a new toy, no matter what the suggested age range is- they all love it because it is new. However, the ‘newness’ fades and the child it was intended for is the one who eventually gets it all to themselves. The Little Tikes: DiscoverSounds Shape Sort and Scatter is a great learning toy for infants, toddlers & preschoolers so all of my younger kids can play, love and learn from it.

We have owned shape sorters before and the kids have all enjoyed fitting the proper pieces into each hole- however with the Little Tikes: DiscoverSounds Shape Sort and Scatter they also learn colors, shapes and patience! I introduced the kiddos to the sorter a few weeks ago. For the first few days they plunked the blocks in through the top hole and repeated after it as it counted each block.

When Derrick (5) realized that each block fit into a side hole and showed Emmitt (18 months) this, Emmitt immediately became frustrated because he was not rotating the blocks enough to fit into the correct holes. Once he reverted back to dropping them into the top hole he had fun again, and started counting along!

This shape sorter is definitely one of the most interactive and entertaining shape sorters that we have played with but I highly suggest keeping the mode set at something your child is comfortable with and letting them have fun!

There are 3 modes that you can choose:

  1. Free-Play Shape Sorting: allows the child to sort shapes! The toy gives feedback by telling the shape and color of the fish that was inserted. Once all the shapes have been collected, they will be dropped and scattered.
  2. Directed Shape Sorting: learning mode for toddlers! The toy will prompt the child to find certain shapes, colors or numbers. If the child sorts the right piece they will be rewarded with a glowing green light. If the child inserts the wrong shape the bottom will automatically drop and shapes will drop/ scatter.
  3. Game Play: game mode for older children! This stage is for children that have learned their shapes, and colors. It is a race against the clock, as kids have to race to find the correct shape and color called out by the toy.

Emmitt plays with the toy the most, and can often be found toting it around with him holding onto the handle that was designed for little hands. The older boys are in Kindergarden and love to race against the clock to find all of the shapes before the bottom drops out. They squeee and screech with delight when the beat the clock. If you are looking for a Christmas toy for your child that will be fun to play with, encourage learning and is affordable- this is the toy for you!

Buy It: You can purchase the Little Tikes DiscoverSounds Shape, Sort and Scatter for 29.99!


  1. Robyn Lucas says

    I absolutely adore all things Little Tikes! Such a great company with quality toys!

  2. rebeka deleon says

    this is really cute. i have another child on the way now and i will need some baby toys not to far down the road! 🙂

  3. I really like how this can grow with one child or be shared by two children of varying ages/skills. Great learning toy! Santa may be putting this under the tree this year…

  4. Little Tikes is such a great company and makes quality toys. This looks like such a fun toy!


  5. Gina Brickell says

    They have absolutely wonderful and educational products for children. helps build motor skills and gets their mind working.. Love them!

  6. These is an adorable toy and I love how interactive it is!

  7. Dorothy Boucher says

    wow this is fantastic, love it, so many cool features for the little fingers 😉

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