Making Our Bunk Room Feel More Like Home

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One of the main selling points of our camper was the bunk room. I loved that it had dual apposing slides and that each side had a pull out couch with a fold down bunk on top. I envisioned us as a family sitting back there watching a movie, three of us on each couch.

That beautiful envisioned idea was crushed the first time we tried to watch a movie back there. Sun shone in through the windows and made the TV very hard to see and the couch was so uncomfortable that after about an hour sitting on it I gave up and never attempted to watch a movie back there again. For the next year every night I would hang a blanket over the window to block light and pull out the couch so Emmitt and Caleb had a place to sleep. I loathed bedtime! Loathed it!

One morning, at around 5AM a child appeared in my room. The blanket had fallen off the window and because the sun was up, they were up. It was that moment, that very tired moment I realized we needed a big change in that room- and the makeover began!
Camper Bunk RemodelThe very first thing we did was get rid of the couches! OUT! FREE! Come take them. They were gone with in 15 minutes of posting online. The space that we were left with was amazing. My mind immediately started racing with ideas. 12832315_10207768360321222_7360173795984237804_n (1)LIGHTS OUT – While there was nothing in that space, I was able to easily access the windows. To solve our morning sun problem, we bought a roll of Reflectix and cut pieces to fit the window.  It helps to keep sun out and heat out, which means their room stays dark and cool. Perfect for sleeping. The roll we bought covered almost all the windows in the camper. Cost: $16.256LIGHTS ON  Then we added curtains to the top bunks with a tension shower curtain rod. This allows the older kids to stay up later reading with their reading lights on and not disturb the younger kids. It also gives them a private place to escape to. Cost $18.797GET YOUR FOAM ON – Hubby and I went back and forth for weeks on what to put in the empty space. We considered toddler beds, but Emmitt is 6 and would grow out of one real quick and toddler beds really aren’t that comfortable. So we decided an actual mattress would be best. The Mainstays Mattress we decided on was super affordable and it was shipped right to our doorstep inside of a small box! Unboxing it was half the fun. The mattress was in a bag that had had all the air sucked out of it, so it was compressed and rolled up like a burrito. After getting it out of the box, we cut the plastic away and the mattress “inflated” in seconds! The kids all squealed with delight of course. Cost $1194The instructions say that the mattress can take up to 48 hours to completely expand to 8 inches, but ours looked good to go in just 10 minutes! The plush memory foam was soft to the touch, but I didn’t sink in and it was cool, even though I was hot from moving stuff all around. Quite often both Emmitt and Caleb end up in the same bed and one always falls asleep before the other. On the pull out couch, more often than not the awake one would bounce around and disturb the sleeping one- that doesn’t happen on this mattress though. World War III could happen on the left side and the child on the right remains sound asleep- I think it’s magic.3When the kids aren’t spending time on the bed, it’s the dogs very favorite place to chillax!1Having all these things added to the bunk room has been a total game changer for us. The kids sleep longer and better and this momma hasn’t been woken up at 5AM since.


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