Mohawk Area Rug

Disclosure: The rug in the feature below was provided compliments of Mohawk Home.

Small splashes of color can really make a drab room look amazing. When we purchased our house in 2010, I told my husband the one thing I really wanted to do was incorporate red into our main living room. Over the past few months I have been slowly but surely adding red accent pieces to both my kitchen and my dining room. The last room that needed red was our living room!

292778_2240839674733_1660306179_2259540_645857142_n1Mohawk Home has so many color, design and style choices that it was not easy to pick a rug to tie my living room into my red theme. The Multicolor Casual Area Rug I choose measures 8′ x 10′  and is the perfect solution to my high traffic room. After falling in love with this rug, we decided it was time to get rid of the orange, yellow brown furniture accents so I could really, really push the red into the room!

942941_10200817459313041_2117337830_nThe top of the rug is woven and the back side is laytex. I love that the rug stays where I put it- there is no slipping around at all. It spot cleans very well. All I do is mix a solution of mild detergent and water and scrub gently and all stains thus far have come right up! I honestly had no idea that a ‘simple rug’ could change the entire feel of a room. Our living room is so much more cozy with the Mohawk rug, yet it also looks more put together with just the simple addition of a rug!


  1. I like that there is laytex on the back to keep it from slipping!

  2. fancygrlnancy says

    That rug looks nice. I’d love to get one for our living room and our family room. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Denise Nutile says

    Looking to update the area rug in our living room. Our current rug is very plain, would like one with some “pizazz”. Will definitely look into a Mohawk one. Thanks for reviewing.

  4. i really wanna mohawk rug but they are soo expensive! i need one actually not want one:P but i cant find myself to spend over $300 on a rug but some of them are soo pretty! also if i ordered one of the computer im worried that its not gunna be think enough.. some of the rugs u find at wal mart and stuff are really thin and are purely decorative. im worried that thats how these rugs will be. your rug looks great though!:)

  5. autumn kelly says

    I love these rugs.

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