Monster buddy Body Pillows

In my opinion, you can never, ever have enough pillows. I have around ten pillows on my bed, each of my kids has three and out couches are covered with them too! Each of us has our very favorite pillow, that when we travel we take with us. Mine is a big huge body pillow! I have used some sort of body pillow since  after I had Ethan. I use it to lounge around in bed, on the couch and of course to keep me comfortable when sleeping. I think everyone should have a body pillow however, they are extremely hard to find in a child’s size – until now.

Before our Monster Buddy pillow my kids used king size pillows as their body pillow- however they did not work to well. Body pillows are just made differently Monster Buddy pillows are a super comfy, squishy memory foam combined with a stuffed animal that is sure to please any pillow lover!

Featuring real memory foam inside an adorable little monster body, these pillows are certain to become a child’s best friend. Wrapped in an amazingly soft minky fabric and accompanied by an equally cute matching blanket the Monster Buddy pillows are great for any time of the day; Nap time, cozy movie nights, long car rides, camping, sleepovers, and of course bedtime. They are even the perfect companion for helping children get over the age old fear of monsters under the bed. With their very own Monster Buddy keeping a watchful eye over them, and your kids will have nothing to be scared of! The blanket folds up neatly and tucks into a storage pocket on the back for simple cleanup and transport. My kids love to stick stuff inside the pocket that they want to protect!

Buy It: Monster Buddy pillows come in six boy or girl friendly colors and can be purchased for 65.99 from!


  1. I Like the Elissa Satchel bag at bagblaze

  2. Sandy VanHoey says

    I like the Hilda Shoulder Bag

  3. The Gillian Tote is my favorite.

  4. joanne gentry says

    I like the Erika tote!

  5. Amanda Alvarado says

    From Bag Blaze I like the Gerri Cross Body Bag but I think it’s supposed to be what Monster I like! LOL I like the red and pink ones!

  6. Dorothy Deakyne says

    I like the Gusty Tote.

  7. christine halverson says

    The purple Loretta Tote= )

  8. kelly thompson says

    the green alligator with square snap

  9. Sacha Schroeder says

    Georgie hobo in black

  10. Echo Goodner says

    Geri cross body bag

  11. I would love the blue one for my son! He would would the space blanket that comes with.

  12. Shelly Macaluso says

    I would love the blue one for my nephew.

  13. I would love the Blue Monster Buddy Body Pillow and it would be for my youngest son whose favorite color is blue

  14. Blue for my son!!

  15. Jessica Dunn says

    I like the Hot Pink Monster Buddy Body Pillow for my daughter.

  16. The red one that looks like Muno. The girls would have to share.

  17. I would choose the hot pink one for my kids!

  18. I would pick the red one for my son. Love the one-eyed monster!

  19. Adrianne B says

    I like the Hot Pink Monster pillow! So cute.

  20. Jennifer L says

    I like the red one for my son.

  21. I like the orangeish yellow one for both my boys.

  22. I like the blue one.

  23. I would like to have the Blue Monster Buddy Body Pillow for my son!

  24. Virginia Rowell says

    The Hot Pink for my granddaughter Ivy.

  25. I would chose Red Monster Buddy Body Pillow for my little guy.

  26. I like the Blue Monster Buddy Body Pillow for my grandson.

  27. Red for my son!

  28. Patricia Williams says

    I would like blue for my grandson


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