Mooshka Dolls

Sweet and Huggable and Oh So Lovable Mooshka dolls were once paper-doll friends. One day, they joined hands and through the power of friendship, they became sweet, huggable girls!

IMG_7350Every Mooshka doll has a design that is refreshing, simple and special. Offering wholesome and imaginative play patterns, Mooshka can be every girl’s best friend.

IMG_7357The Mooshka doll lines include:

Mooshka Girls: Six adorable characters that each come with a string of paper dolls and a finger-puppet doll. All Mooshka characters join hands to express their friendship for one another. We received Sonia. A little girl who loves to throw big fun parties with lots of balloons and confetti! Sonia has light pink hair and a beautiful blue dress. Mooshka Girls are great for little girls 2+ and are 15 inches long.

IMG_7353Mooshka Tots: Mooshka Girls’ hand-holding little sisters, who are four fun-loving, captivating smaller characters that love to emulate their older siblings love of friendship and joy. We received Zana, the huggable little sister of Katia. She loves ladybugs and making a wish whenever she sees one. She is great for little girls 2+ and is 9.5 inches long. She is washable just like the larger Mooshka Girls!

IMG_7355Both Tots and Girls come with a finger puppet dolly. They are the perfect size for little hands and give the Mooshkas a toy to play with.

IMG_7367One of my favorite features of the Mooshka dolls is the box! The large shoe box like box is gift ready. Opening the packaging is super easy and does not destroy the box. We use ours still as our Mooshka’s bed!

IMG_7369Another great feature is that both Mooshka Tots and Girls are machine washable! Once Carlee finds a doll she loves, she totes it everywhere and it becomes dirty quickly.

IMG_7375Each doll also comes with fully interactive eBooks that transport girls to the colorful Mooshka village. The Mooshka eBook apps are available for free at the App Store at

IMG_7364Buy It: You can purchase a Mooshka Doll of your own from!

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  1. Jessica Rinker says

    These are so great! I love that they are reminiscent of Matroyshka dolls, and have cultural names. Plus having ‘real’ birthdays!! Gives the kids something else extra special to look forward to with them. LOVE LOVE LOVE that these are little girl appropriate (mine is 6) and encourages them to be themselves and stay little too! Love these! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  2. Racquel S says

    These are so cute…my daughter would love one. And I really like that they are machine washable!

  3. Thank you for this fantastic review and lovely give-away!
    My 9 month old daughter absolutely loves the look of these dolls, and became so excited when she saw them online; so much so, she began to give them kisses.
    Good luck to everyone! 🙂

  4. Karen Glatt says

    These Mooshka Dolls are the most sweetest and cutest dolls I have ever seen. My niece would love to get one of these for Christmas. I do not know why I have never heard of these, but I would love to get one! The colors are so pretty!

  5. They are just so sweet.

  6. These are adorable!

  7. Got a Karia tot for my little grand daughter.She is 14 mts old and loves a doll.I bought this one because the size is just right for her.Plus,my grandbaby is a red head and this doll is as well.The fact that she has a bigger red head sister I can ge later for her is a plus! And the fact that these dolls can be washed is wonderful.I love the box design too!!!

  8. these dolls are so adorable…thank you for sharing it with us.

  9. Alexandra Dixon says

    I originally bought my daughter the Myra sing-a-long Mooshka doll, and she absolutely loves her! I loved the doll so much I ended up buying Dasha for her as well. I absolutely love how wholesome and colorful these dolls are. I already have another doll or two I would like add to her collection. 🙂

  10. I saw these on a commercial on TV!
    They look absolutely adorbs! I’m a doll collector myself so, if I EVER get any of these, they are staying in my guest room no matter HOW much my little niece might cry. 🙂

  11. Thanks for the great review especially the part about being machine washable! This locked in my decision to buy the doll for my youngest.

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