Never Use A Normal Belt Again With Trakline!

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Goodbye belt holes, hello Trakline! If your looking for the best fitting belt you will ever own, look no further.Intrepid & Eclipse gunmetal bucklesEach Trackline belt features a hidden track that sewn into the back of the leather belt, that offers over 40 sizing positions, in 1/4″ clicks! This makes Trakline 8X’s more adjustable than regular five hole belts.

traklineThe unique, automatic buckles – designed in the USA by Kore – use a sleek, spring-loaded caliber mechanism that is super simple to adjust and easier than any other ratchet belt on the market. The result is a a precise, comfortable fit, that snugs to your exact waist size every time, no matter what you ate for lunch.


A standard sized leather belts will fit waists 24” – 44” and the XL Black will fit up to 54″.  To get your perfect all you have to do is try on the belt, then trim the excess leather (using scissors) to attain your correct size range. The 10″ track creates a precise fit as your waist fluctuates in and out a little every day. Watch the video below to see how easy it is!

A discreet release tab located underneath the buckle allows you to easily adjust, or remove the belt entirely with the touch of a finger. I found this feature to be my favorite of all the ratchet belts we have tried. All the other ones were much more hard for my husband to loosen and impossible for my kids.

Trakline Belt vs Belt Holes (657x313)I know it’s hard to believe a belt can be revolutionary, but this truly is. It gives a perfect fit with unmatched quality and style! But you have to try it to really believe me!

Intrepid nickel buckle, black belt - Copy - CopyBuy It: You can purchase a Trakline belt for $59.00-$69.00 from

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  1. Julie Wood says

    This is a very nice belt that my husband needs to get. He would love getting this belt and his birthday is coming up. I like that their are a lot of sizes for a man’s waist, and the front piece is really nice!

  2. OH my son would love that! That release button is so neat! I love how you just cut the belt for a perfect fit! So neat and easy too!

  3. Laurie Nykaza says

    This is a wonderful gift takes all the guess work out of wondering if it will fit our not will have to get a few for the holidays.

  4. This is a great idea. I like the features of it.

  5. This is a great idea.

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