Noodle & Boo Ultimate Ointment

Noodle & Boo wooed me with their Super Soft Lotion so I knew before I even go to try out the their Ultimate Ointment that I would be impressed- and I was!

The diaper rash ointment is 100% guaranteed to help soothe and heal diaper rash and it does! It also works very well for Carlee’s eczema. Any flair up and all I do is smoother it with ointment and it is gone next bath time.

-Provitamin B and Vitamin E help to hydrate skin.
-Fragrance and preservative free.
-Non-allergenic and non-irritating formula.
-Dermatologist and pediatrician tested to be hypoallergenic.
-Clinically-tested for sensitive skin.
-Comes in signature pink/blue packaging.

It helps to create a moisture repellent barrier between the skin and the source of irritation. The active ingredient, Zinc Oxide helps protect and enhance the natural healing process. While soothing inflamed skin with bisabolol and allantoin helping to prevent further aggravation.

The tube is rather small (2.5 ounce) but a little goes a long way! I have used this on countless rashes and the bottle still looks brand new. A tube can be purchased for 15.00 at


  1. I have never heard of them before. I’ll have to check them out!

  2. Skye, I’m so glad that the Ultimate Ointment by Noodle & Boo helps relieved your baby’s skin problems. If only more people know about it…

  3. Gladys Parker says

    I have heard a lot about this company. It sounds by your review that there is good reason for this. If it takes care of eczema it must be good.

  4. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    I have been reading your reviews about this company and it does seem to have very good products. Since this one also helps eczema it must be a good product. Zinc oxide always is good for diaper rash.

  5. kristy edgington says

    Ive never heard about this before, do they sell it in canada?

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