Nuby Foam Bath Animals

Disclosure: Nuby sent us some Foam Bath Animals to check out-.

Expand your babies bath time fun with Nuby Foam Bath Animals! Bring these sixteen friendly,underwater creatures to your little one’s bath time and watch the splashes and grins increase! The characters float in the water… IMG_5324 …and when they get wet will stick to the bathtub walls and sides providing countless hours of bath time fun!

IMG_5340 Emmitt is pretty brave in the water so he lays on his belly and chases them around the bath tub which has made getting his entire body clean much easier. When bath time is over, I love that they do not take up a ton of space in my bathroom! I recommend that if your baby is teething, you put them away for a few weeks because they are not bite proof!

Buy It: You can purchase Nuby Foam Bath Animals for 7.49 for a 16 pack!

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  1. Those look fun. But yea I think my little one would love to bite them. Thanks for the tip. I may have to look into these after he gets done with teething.

  2. I would love to get these for my nephew and save them for when he gets out of his crucial teething stage. They look like something he would really enjoy!

  3. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    These Nuby Foam Bath animals look like they will provide a lot of fun time in the bath and I like that they stick to the bathtub walls.

  4. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    I like that they also stick to the sides of the bathtub. These would be great fun for little kids.

  5. Nicole L. says

    I love NUBY products. Can’t wait to try these out!

  6. So cute! These look fantastic for post teething. Love that they are lightweight…I hate waterlogged bath toys.

  7. Those look super fun! Who wouldn’t love bath time with those bath toys!

  8. Terra Heck says

    I like the cute animal shapes. Those look like they’d be fun for little ones to play with in the tub.

  9. christine jessamine says

    These look like so much fun, my daughter loves bath toys. I would love to get these for her!

  10. christine jessamine says

    These look like so much fun, my daughter loves bath toys. I would love to get these for her!

  11. Judy Lipcsak says

    These are really cute and easy to use too. I can just see my grandson sticking the characters to the walls and making up stories about them. What fun!

  12. Michael Lambert says

    My daughter would love this. I have been trying to find things for her to play with in the tub.

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