Nuby: Grip N’ Sip

The Super Spout 2 Handle Cup has a unique one piece No-Spill soft silicone spout that is easy to use and easy to clean. The NEW Super Spout promotes natural drinking action and healthy oral development. The newly designed valve opens with minimum pressure and doesn’t require constant sucking that can damage new teeth and soft palates. It also features easy-grip handles which are perfect for a child’s transition to self feeding.

Does it leak? Not one bit! The seal on these cups are one of the strongest I have seen for only being one piece. It withstands drops and tosses and even toddler shakes!

Does it keep the drink cold? Because it is not insulated it does not. Drinks stay cold for about an hour, two or three with ice added.

Does it fit in a cup holder/my child’s hands? The amazing handles are perfect for small hands. They make it easier to tote around and really hold onto to take a drink. Because of the handles, it does not fit in a cup holder.

How many pieces to make the cup work? Hard or soft top? This cup comes with three big pieces that are super easy to put together and then take back apart to wash! The top is soft, but quite bite resistant.

Mom’s favorite feature? I love how easy this cup is to keep the pieces together. I normally keep the nipple and the top attached so all I have to do is find two pieces and ‘ta da’ Ive got a cup!

Any downsides? None that I have found so far!

Specs:  The cup is made of safe, durable, and non-toxic materials that exceed all government safety regulations and standards. It is dishwasher safe and can be used as soon as your child can drink from a straw!

Buy It: You can purchase a two pack of Nuby Grip N’ Sip from Amazon for 7.99.

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  1. I have about 10 of these and they leak even if they are laying on their side after being put down by my one year old. He bites the nipples which has caused them to not seal anymore so if you have a teething child the bites the nipples the seals will get a gap in them and make them leak all the time. I litterally can see the spaces between the seals so there is no protection from leaks anymore.

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