Nuryl – The Baby Brain Training App

Disclosure: This post brought to you by Nuryl.

The link between music and cognitive development can’t be denied. From the time they in the womb to around two years of age, listening-based learning is at its peak. The newly launched music immersion program Nuryl is the very first and only customized music app designed to jump-start a baby’s cognitive development during this critical time of heightened brain plasticity. nurylThe Nuryl curriculum works by applying scientific insights about the power of music and its link to advanced math skills, foreign language aptitude, memory, and focus, to stimulate a baby’s brain development. The complex, unpredictable and melodic music immersion program offers original and carefully curated High Information Music, designed to simultaneously activate multiple regions of a baby’s brain to boost cognition. In addition to the musical complexity and unpredictable structure, parent-child interaction is key to the increased effectiveness of Nuryl and differentiates it from other programs. nuryl-3The app is super easy to use. Over half of the Nuryl collection musical pieces were composed and recorded specifically for the app. These amazingly crafted pieces were formulated in the studio and are served up in the playlist based on your baby’s age. Each musical piece is designed for listening when your baby is the most active and taking in all of their surroundings. nuryl-2Nuryl provides a trial playlist so you can hear some of the musical pieces in their curriculum, but to fully take advantage of the system, a paid subscription unlocks all of the playlists. Your baby will receive a new playlist each and every month.

Buy It: An annual subscription is just $89.99 or you can pay $9.99 monthly! For more information about Nuryl, visit

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