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Each and every year I buy a few new personalized Christmas tree ornaments to add to our tree. There is just something about having a tree filled with ornaments we picked, designed and represent us that makes me feel like the tree is more ‘us’. It is also an excellent way to record memories of life’s events and activities! This year I started my shopping early by visiting Ornament With Love.

Both my youngest have a ‘birth’ ornament, but Ethan did not. So I started browsing their baby ornaments first. The great thing about a personalized ornament is that you can back date. If you started a tradition after your oldest first Christmas, you can get him or her one by just adding the year! For Ethan, I wanted something more than “Babies First Christmas“. Ethan is who made Nate and I a family so when I saw the “Proud New Mommy & Daddy” ornament, I knew it was perfect!

The adorable snow mommy and daddy holding up their newest snow bundle are the perfect addition to anyone mom or dad’s ornament collection! Hung on a beautiful, double strung red ribbon, with super clear and neat handwriting makes this ornament one of the nicest personalized ornaments in my collection!

Each and every year, since as long as I can remember we add a family ornament. This year was a bit tricky with all our beautiful babies, however Ornaments With Love has an adorable Snow Family Ornament that comes with 1-8 children!

Buy It: You can find both the above ornaments as well as many others by visiting OrnamentsWithLove.com!


  1. These are so adorable!

  2. Gina Brickell says

    I too try to get a new ornament every year that is personal to my family. I looked through their site and they have such a great selection and very cute ornaments!

  3. How cute! I have a yearly ornament tradition as well but I’ve never done personalized ones before. Maybe I’ll try something a bit different this year.

  4. Regina Sullivan says

    I love these! I have one of these with all of my family’s names on it from the year we got married and blended our families

  5. I love these! I am so getting one this year (after payday) lol

  6. aren’t they adorable! so nice to have an ornament to represent each year of Christmas

  7. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    These ornaments are great. It is wonderful to have something unique to hang on our tree

  8. My son has his own apartment now and has had many milestones in his life this past year. Looking at the site, they have everything I need to represent each of those milestones from graduation to getting his eagle scout. Love their site!

  9. very cute! I love the memories that we all have when decorating our own christmas ornaments!

  10. Oh My Goodness!!!! I looooooooooooooooooove snowmen and I love personalized things! This would totally be up my alley!


  11. Richard Hicks says

    so sweet. We have a tradition every year for everyone to choose their own special ornament. We keep them from year to year

  12. I love that they have large family ornaments too!

  13. Huguette E. says

    I love these. Got the key with the driver’s license for each of my teens the year they got their license.

  14. Lindsey Gain says

    What a perfect family ornament! This is our first Christmas as a Family of four, so one of these would be great!

  15. Mary Gallardo says

    These are so cute! I love personalized and handmade ornaments! They are so much more special than regular ornaments!

  16. I always adore personalized ornaments and try to purchase a new one every year. I really dig the items you chose!

  17. these are so cute! I’ve always loved personalized ornaments!

  18. Carolyn A Colley (Griffith, Smith) says

    I love them, I try to buy a new one every year, been thinking about trying to make some, most likely make a mess of them

  19. These are so cute! Thank you for this post! 🙂

  20. Carolyn A Colley (Griffith, Smith) says

    I have some ornaments that I’ve had for over 30 years

  21. Cheryl Reinhardt says

    I love the idea of personalizing your tree !! That would make some really good memories !!!

  22. Dorothy Boucher says

    these are so adorable!! i love making ornaments with the children..

  23. jamie lafever says

    these are just to cute

  24. I love the snowman one. I have so many ornaments from when my daughter was little. I even have the ones she made at school. Like the reindeer made from a Christmas light bulb,one of my faves.

  25. Taryn Pasco says

    These are soo cute! I love personalized ornaments! Nothing is more special!

  26. Vanessa Richard says

    super cute love the personalization of them

  27. nice. i really love they are personalized .

  28. Carrie Phelps says

    These are super cute! I would love to get one of my three grandchildren.

  29. From the time my children were born until they left the house I bought an ornament each year and had it personalized and dated and when they left I gave them to them to start their tree with ornaments. I now do it for my grandchildren. This is a great way of showing people you know that they have meaning in your life. I enjoyed reading your review and thank you for the giveaway.

  30. Michelle.A. says

    I love personalized ornaments. I think they are so cute and I love that they can also reflect something that was important that year.

  31. So cute! Although I love Hallmark ornaments, they often aren’t as personal as something like this. Definite keepsake!

  32. Laura Grace Andry says

    This looks great. I love personalized stuff! I take my kids to the Disney store each year and let them pick out an ornament. That way when they grow up they can take their ornaments with them to thier adult homes and have something special from their childhood. I like the idea of personalized ornaments though and think I might add them to the mix next year.

  33. Love these!

  34. Amanda Alvarado says

    They have lots of cute ornaments! I love that they can all be personalized!

  35. these ornaments are sooo nice!!! would be nice to get a new one each year. they are awesome!!
    🙂 THANKS!! 🙂
    anne l

  36. I love personalized ornaments. It’s fun to add them every yr. Then when the kids are older they can always enjoy going to the parents house to see all the cute ones hung on the trees from when they were little. 🙂

  37. carol roberts says

    that is cute i still try to use nonbreakable cause of my son

  38. Karen Glatt says

    I think that these ornaments that are made with love are so pretty and truly a keepsake that can be kept and treasured for years. I like that I can put my families names on the ornaments and have them displayed on my tree for years!

  39. nikki krutz says

    LOVE anything personalized!! These are so cute! I shop at a lot of personalized websites! 🙂

  40. Decorating the tree is my favorite part of the holidays. Almost every ornament has a memory attached to it and I love unwrapping and thinking of them each year.

  41. Jennifer L says

    I have a few personalized ornaments and they are my favorites!

  42. Dianna Thomas says

    OMG! This are sooooo cute–with all the little names this is a perfect family gift–sure would brighten up a tree–and someones heart <3

  43. Fee (Phyllis) Roberts says

    When I was little my Mom had a mold for making ornaments and we would paint them. She was really good. They looked as good as the ones you have pictured, of course my didn’t =D

  44. Danielle Royalegacy says

    The Snow Family is adorable, but we opted for the Penguin Family this year.

  45. The Snow family is sooo adorable! I love them! I’m sure they will become more special as the years go by…great tradition!

  46. I started the same tradition with my kids. I could spend a lot of money this year for all my son has accomplish from graduating high school to becoming an Eagle Scout. They have it all.

  47. I love these ornments. Last year a got one that was a cheerleader (even had the choice of brown or blond hair) and had it personalized. The ornament was adorable and my granddaughter LOVED it.

  48. Looks so cute! I would like to get these for the next Christmas

  49. Those are so cute, and I love all the options for any family.

  50. Carrie Phelps says

    I bought one of these last year, it’s really cute. It’s a pea pod with three peas, each with my granchildren’s names on them.

  51. christine j says

    I have heard of this company before. Love all the cute choices they have. they make great gifts but it is also nice to have unique ornaments yourself on your tree. I will be buying from them when it gets a little closer to the holidays

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