Peekinz Baby Romper

Lets set the scene… You are in the middle of the mall, and you smell that so unpleasant odor coming from your little ones hiney. Problem is they have a onesie and pants on. You want to check to see if your little one farted or actually pooped, but taking all those clothes off is such a pain! Id like to introduce you to the Peekinz!

All Peekinz items are designed to be stylish, fun and comfortable for baby using luxuriously soft and stretchy fabrics.   All patterns are bold yet simple, creating a timeless style that can be passed on for generations.

The peekinzdiaper check pocket is one innovation that was taken from a mom’s group. Everyone was busy chatting, enjoying coffee, as the little ones played together, when the waft of odor interrupted them conversion, each of them instantly sought out their little ones, with the weary “oh no, is it you” look.   All the little ones were dressed in onesies and trying to figure out which of one of them would have to leave the group for the dreaded diaper change, caused a raucous.  Complaining babies were tipped for the finger check, lifted in the air for the sniff test, etc.  when one of them said “hey there should be like a whole in the back of these or something to make this easier” and so the peekinzpocket was born.

Seriously how awesome of an idea is this? You can easily check the baby’s diapers without having to struggle with taking all clothes off. Peekinz comes in many different styles – Onesies, Sleepers, Pants and Rompers! 

A baby romper is usually ideal for going out with babies. If you are a lady, you definitely have experienced the struggle of going to the washroom with a romper. This will most likely happen to your baby and that is why it is ideal to get the pekinz baby romper as you will only need to check the baby’s diapers through the peekinz diaper check pocket. 

On the other hand, onesies are ideal for infants and babies indoors. They are also used to dress babies under other garments such as rompers so as to hold the diapers in place. However, imagine a baby with a onesie underneath a romper. You will definitely need peekinz innovative products. If you love the idea of having baby onesies, you can see more clever baby onesies online. 

I was lucky to be sent a navy blue bamboo romper and it is so very soft. The pocket is one of the best ideas I have ever seen incorporated into children’s clothes. I love that there is no tag in the back to scratch baby. Unfortunately I ordered a size a bit too big for Emmitt right now. I washed it a few times, to see if it would shrink, but it stayed true to size (it did get a bit softer tho) But this fall it will fit him perfectly.

Peekinz offers a flat rate shipping fee of 5.00 and all orders over 50.00 ship for free.


Peekinz offers a flat rate shipping fee of 5.00 and all orders over 50.00 ship for free.


  1. LOL cute! Sound like a good product!

  2. This is a great idea.

  3. Crunchy Frugalista says

    That is a great idea, wish they had those when my kids were little!

  4. What a great idea!

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