Percision Pet Couch Daydreamer Dog Bed

Disclosure: The Daydreamer dog bed pictured below was sent compliments of Precision Pet.

Lily is an odd puppy. She will play with the kids every now and then but her favorite thing to do is sleep. She sleeps more often than she does anything else so when searching for a dog bed I need to make sure that it was very, very comfortable. After quite a bit of research we decided that a Precision Pet Couch Daydreamer Bed would be perfect for her.

10606409_10203917199404606_6668959850853602744_nThe Percision Pet Couch Daydreamer Dog Bed is made of a soft and stylish chevron textured chenille fabric with a velvety thick plush sleeping surface. Lily loves nothing more than plopping onto it after playing and snoozing away for hours. Often times she falls into such a deep sleep we find her rolled over onto her belly.

Washing the bed is very simple. The bolster and cushion zip off to reveal inner pillow cushions. Then you can wash toss the cover in the washer.

10565132_10203917200644637_725878356525681043_nThe bed is available in 3 different sizes, depending on how big your dog is. You can also choose from three different colors (Chocolate, Burgundy and Grey) depending on your homes interior colors.

Buy It: The 42 inch Precision Pet Daydreamer Dog Bed pictured above can be purchased for $71.89 from Smaller beds are also available.


  1. Terra Heck says

    Love how your dog lays in the bed! That bed looks like one my dog would feel comfy and enjoy laying in.

  2. Jan Roberts says

    I foster mainly small dogs, and oh my, do they ever love their beds! Currently I have 4 fosters and 3 tattered beds, desperately need new ones! (beds, not dogs LOL)

  3. Stephanie Larison says

    So cute! I’d love to win for my beagle, Belle.

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