Pregnancy Essentials You Need to Enjoy Your Baby Shower

Your baby shower is truly a celebration of life. As a mommy-to-be, you’ve been blessed with the opportunity to bring a new life into this world, and at your baby shower, you’re able to share this special moment with all your close friends and family.Outside of your birthday and marriage, your baby shower is one of the only times when everyone’s attention is centered on you (and the baby of course). Baby showers are typically themed, based on the sex of the baby. If you’re having a little boy, you can expect to enjoy the adorable boy themed diaper cakes! If you’re having a girl, get ready for lots of pink and purple!

Although your baby shower is a joyous occasion, it can be a little overwhelming for some women. Believe it or not, there are some women who think about their baby shower, and get anxiety over it. There’s even some women who don’t want baby a shower at all, because they’re just that shy. Additionally, they’re not sure if they’ve planned it right, and have everything they need. If you are one of those soon-to-be mommies, who are on the fence about baby showers, consider these essentials that you need to guarantee you enjoy your baby shower.

Foods of Your Choice

As a pregnant lady, nothing makes you happier than food, especially when it’s foods that you enjoy. They say that whole “eating for two” bit is mumbo jumbo, and that you actually need to be more health conscious of what you eat during your pregnancy. It is definitely understandable to be health conscious during pregnancy, but the one exception to the rule is your baby shower.

There are health conditions that can arise due to pregnancy, so you definitely want to consult with your doctor first. Gestational diabetes is a health risk that pregnant women have to be very careful with, but if all is clear with your doctor, then there is nothing wrong with indulging yourself just for your baby shower. If you want to eat cake, rotel dip, wings, and pickles, then take the opportunity to enjoy it all. Just be sure to let whoever is planning your shower knows exactly what you want.

The Maternity Outfit

Just because you’re pregnant, that doesn’t mean you can’t still be a stylish mommy-to-be. Everybody knows that when you look good, you feel good, and the same applies in pregnancy.

The fashion for pregnant women has evolved tremendously too. You no longer have to wear moo-moo type of dresses or sweatsuits. Maternity fashion has now evolved to where women can be sexy while pregnant. You will find pregnant women rocking skinny jeans and heels, as well as form fitting dresses now.

At your baby shower, you’re already the object of discussion, so imagine showing up looking as radiant as ever. You’ll be confident in your outfit, and you can best believe you’ll be getting compliments on your outfit, and what woman doesn’t like compliments…pregnant or not?


Games are always fun at baby showers, and are sure to be the cure you need to calm any anxiety that you may have. These fun games are a way to lighten the mood, and allow everyone to kind of let their hair down and have fun.

A popular baby shower game is the dirty diaper game. This is where chocolate candies are placed in disposable baby diapers and melted to look like baby poop! The key here is to use chocolate candies of different textures (nutty, creamy, milky, etc).

You want sniff the diapers, and some will have you taste the chocolatey goodness inside the diapers. The goal is to try and guess which candy bar is in which diaper. Whoever has the most guesses correct will win the game.

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