Tummy Time Is Fun Again with @Infantino

Ready to see another amazing Infantino product? I am! As you all already know, I am an Infantino Test Drive Mom for Infantino Comforting Play Collections! Emmitt loves his Binky Buddy and his Soothing Hand Squeezies are the only way we have a quiet car ride!

The next amazing Infantino product I was sent to test is the Right Angle Tummy Triangle. The folks at Infantino know first hand what a challenge tummy time can be. For me this is one of the hardest stages. The second Emmitts belly hits the floor he screams bloody murder. Well not anymore. Rather than dread tummy time snag yourself the Right Angle Tummy Triangle, and I bet you will notice a difference immediately!
No longer do I hear screams of terror from Emmitt when he is on his belly! Instead I hear screeches of glee as he reaches for the peek-a-boo mirror and crinkly busy bee that encourage reaching, grabbing…and lots of laughing! There is even musical timer that has 3 settings to help you keep track of your little one’s tummy time sessions. Cheerful melodies can be played for 1, 5, and 10 minutes- That way no matter the age of your little one, you can make sure they are getting adequate tummy time.

Right Angle Tummy TriangleThe Right Angle Tummy Triangle is a padded ramp with an adjustable toy bar that features a baby safe mirror and crinkly little bee that encourage reaching, grabbing, and head lifting. These are skills that are super important in reaching future developmental milestones.

I would definitely recommend the Infantino Right Angle Tummy Triangle any parent with a child under 6 months. Emmitt got to try this out, just in the nick of time. Once your baby is crawling- check out a different Infantino product to keep them entertained!

In the past, what has been your experience with tummy time? How has the Right Angle Tummy Triangle made tummy time more enjoyable for your baby?

To see the Right Angle Tummy Time in action check out the commercial HERE.

Check out the slide show below for more pics of Emmitt in action!

Disclosure-I am a participant in a Mom Central Consulting campaign for Infantino and have received various Infantino products as part of my participation.



  1. This looks so cool!

    I love the mirrior picture!

  2. Sabrina Radke says

    How adorable he is touching the mirror and giggling! <3

  3. This looks awesome! I think it’s something my daughter would enjoy.

  4. Amanda Larson says

    OMG, I love the picture where you caught him in the mirror. My DD was quite fond of tummy time, but it was because we had products made just for that!

  5. That looks so much better then being flat on the floor! My kids always hated tummy time, wish I had something like this to try. Your little guy looks like he was having a blast 🙂

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