How Safe Is Your Summer from Too Much Sunshine?

After the cold winter months, summer is greeted with love and joy, like the return of a beloved friend. Our dreams of living a larger, more expansive life return, freshly minted. If we live near the ocean, we might dream of catching a wave. If we live out in the country, we might relax with a glass of wine on the porch to watch the sun slip below the distant hills. If we live in a city, we might go on a theme park ride or walk the dogs under the whispering trees of a city park.

Yet with rising summer temperatures on the way, we also look for ways to beat the heat and avoid the sun. With too much heat, we feel sweaty almost all the time and expose our skin to sun damage.

How can we get the fresh air and sunshine we all need without the sun’s rays discomforting or burning us?

When You Don’t Want to Lose Your Cool

There are times when the occasion calls for you to stay cool, calm, and collected under pressure. When you want to look and feel your best at a social event, use a product like SweatBlock to cut down on excessive sweating for periods of 4- to 7-days.

For instance:

You don’t want to be bathed in sweat when you deliver a TEDx talk that you’ve been rehearsing for weeks. Instead, you want to deliver your ideas worth spreading with candor and warmth to win the audience over– perhaps even rousing them to give you a standing ovation after your scintillating delivery.

You don’t want to run a meeting with perspiration beading on your brow when corporate heads will be visiting—not because you’re nervous about your campaign for the company’s IPO, but simply because you don’t do well wearing an expensive a suit and tie in a small boardroom.

You don’t want to congratulate the bride and groom on their wedding day in a crowded church with sweaty palms or deal with your make up melting off when you’re outdoors organizing a special bake sale for your church group.

By planning ahead, you’ll avoid all embarrassing incidents where sweaty hands, sweaty armpits, and a sweaty face could ruin your day.

How to Enjoy the Beach Without Risking Painful Sunburn

Sure, you want a little sun to enjoy your day of sun, sand, and surf, but you can’t exactly dial down the intensity of the sun. So, instead of a mild tan that makes you look bronzed and beautiful, you end up with a blistering sunburn that startles people and triggers you to scream when someone touches your shoulders.

What can you do to prevent sun damage when you want to enjoy a wonderful day at the beach sauntering on the sand, lying on a beach towel with a good book, or splashing around in the sea.

Here are three ideas to enjoy your beach outing without compromising your healthy skin and soft curls:

  1. Protect your hair: Use a protective spray to spritz your hair and prevent it from drying out. This will also protect your locks from prematurely fading if you’ve recently dyed your hair with some vibrant color. Another option is to use a leave-in conditioner, which will protect your strands from drying out after exposure to sunlight and salty water.
  2. Protect your skin: Apply an oil-based SPF rather than just depending on a standard-issue sunscreen. This will provide your skin with an extra layer of protection, preventing it from drying out and burning.  Another suggestion is to moisturize before you head out to the beach by using a hypoallergenic product to prevent your skin from becoming hypersensitive to the sun.
  3. Protect your hair and skin: Don’t style your hair on your day at the beach because the use of products or heat will damage and dry out your hair quickly when exposed to excessive sunshine. Give your hair a break by donning a big, floppy hat. This will not only look terrific, but it will also protect your skin, too.

These tips will help get the most joy out of summer. It’s easy to go a little crazy when the sun returns to our lives to warm us again–after all, we no longer have to deal with stuffy indoor heating or scrape snow off the windshields before climbing into a frigid car to drive down an icy road.

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