Schwinn Dart Boys’ Bike

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I realized at the start of this summer that Ethan would need a new bike. His 16 inch bike, that came with training wheels had served him well for a few years and was really showing it’s age from all the spills he took learning to ride. So him and I ventured out together to find the perfect one for him that was affordable, stylish and reliable. I knew for sure we wanted a Schwinn. Schwinn was established in 1895 and is America’s oldest bike brand, I even owned one when I was a child. Plus they offer a limited lifetime warranty for as long as you own the bike.

10481587_10206087430619030_7586943705458677368_nOur local Walmart has a pretty huge bike section. The first, and only bike Ethan tried was the 20 inch Schwinn Dart. He fit on it like a glove and I was overly impressed with the price tag (only $98.87!) The Dart features both hand brakes and coaster brakes for secure stops and a quick-release saddle for convenience. Ethan is used to using the petals (coaster brakes) to stop his bike so I was very glad both features were on there.

10341658_10206087430259021_8277820712293095659_nThe super strong and durable low stand-over steel frame provides a study and comfortable ride that you can count on. Ethan complained quite a bit about his old bike seat, it had no padding and was uncomfortable to ride on for extended periods of time. This afternoon Ethan and his dad went on a four mile trail ride with the Dart and Ethan didnt complain at all. The handlebar also has cushy pads that add style and comfort.

Everything on the Dart is built to the highest standards, including the 4-bolt alloy system that creates a secure fit for the handlebars. There was a slight adjustment period for Ethan moving from his 16 inch bike to this one, but it was a quick one. The seat features an easy-adjust seat height system that allows for convenient adjustment to fit with your child’s growing needs.

10262057_10206087431619055_3269459895755443123_nIf your thinking about purchasing this bike, I believe it is best for kids between 8 and 12 years of age who are confident bike riders as it does not come with training wheels.

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Buy It: You can purchase the 20″ Schwinn Dart Boys’ Bike from a Walmart near you for $98.87!

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  1. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    SCHWINN Bikes Are The Best, Durable, Stylish And They Create Great Memories.

  2. Richard Hicks says

    Looks like a great bike and would appeal to the boys

  3. Travis Cunningham says

    This bicycle is manufactured by Pacific Bicycle Company, the now-parent company of Schwinn. Once this acquisition took place is when we began to see Schwinn bicycles make their way into Wal-Mart. Please note: Schwinns these days are NOTHING, and I do mean nothing like the Schwinn’s you think of when you think of your childhood. The components on this Schwinn Dart are much of the same as you’d expect on a Huffy or any other department store bike brand. The higher cost of this bicycle is based on the Schwinn name and the perceived value of owning a “Schwinn.” Seriously, even the decals are cheap – they’re stickers. Schwinn 25 years ago wouldn’t have even thought of slapping their name on a bike with a sticker. Having said all this, I went ahead and purchased the Dart for my son as a Christmas present for $78 on sale. He’ll use it for a couple years before the bike is done and ready to go elsewhere. I don’t think the quality is enough to allow for the bike to be handed down. We shall see.

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