Shower Wow

Do your little ones not loving shower time?

Then you need a Shower Wow!

The Shower Wow is an “as seen on TV” product that promises to be a super fun alternate to your ordinary shower head– and it totally is.
Shpwer WowMy husband installed the shower head in just a few minutes. He unscrewed the old shower head and screwed the Shower Wow on. The box claims there are seven different colored lights that light up, I am not sure I would say seven but there are different colors that light up at different times.

The Shower wow does not require any batteries, which is a good thing because it seems most gadgets now a days do. So, how exactly does it work? Upon further investigation (without taking the shower head apart) it appears there is some sort of mechanism inside where the water spins and creates enough energy to light the lights.Shower Wow Lights OffShower time with my older two children is always a struggle. So, we secretly installed the Shower Wow. After I finally convinced my son to shower the entire bathroom was filled with giggles. After all who wouldn’t feel like they are at a disco with an array of blinking lights as they are scrubbing away the dirt for the day? He came out and couldn’t wait to share the change to our bathroom with his siblings and before I knew it the next kid was showering. This time the lights went out….but not on the Shower Wow, she decided she wanted to shower in the dark with just the lights from the Shower Wow! It actually lit the shower pretty well for her to see the area around her.Shower Wow GreenBoth my husband and I noticed a noticeable decrease in water pressure with the new shower head. It’s not terrible but is definitely noticeable. Another downfall was that you can’t change the way the water comes out, as there is only one setting. If you want to take a normal shower without the disco lights that is also a no go as there is no way to turn off the light show.

The Shower Wow was a nice change to our daily non-eventful shower and adds a little WOW to your shower. Available at Bed Bath & Beyond and Walmart for $14.95.Real Mom Reviews DisclosureUPDATE: After using the Shower Wow for about two weeks, when the water was turned on the shower head made a god awful screeching noise and the lights stopped working.


  1. carol clark says

    holy moly i wish my son had this when he started bathing by himself i cant even get him to bath hardly not saying he doesn’t he does but i need this to keep him in there long to wash his self but i love it

  2. I have been dying to try this! The commercial makes it look like so cool. Glad to read a real review by an actual person. This will add a little fun to my family’s everyday shower routine.

  3. vickie couturier says

    this looks so relaxing,,the soft colors are amazing

  4. E. Supsekens says

    This is awesome! The water settings on it feel great and offer a variety to keep the shower feeling from getting dull. With the bathroom lights off, the light from this projected through the water was just enough to light up the shower and help me see where things are and what I was doing, but not too bright to be bothersome. If you shower at night before bed like I do, this was a good way to help my mind start relaxing in preparation for sleep. Sometimes it makes a little noise, but nothing too noticeable.
    Best regards.

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