Simplisse Double Electric Breast Pump

I have never ever been able to ‘let down’ to a pump. After 20 or so minutes of my nipples getting pulled and tugged (which feels nothing like my baby) I maybe get an ounce from both sides. Yes- that is one ounce from both sides, or a half an ounce per breast. It is pointless and depressing to even attempt for me to pump. I have been nursing Emmitt for 11 months now. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week I have to be close by in case he is hungry. I don’t mind this at all- but sometimes I wish I could let dad take the night shift, or go out on my own for a few hours!

I have a business trip next week and I will be gone for about 36 hours. I am super excited to be able to go. But only getting an ounce a pumping session means that I have to literally pump 40 times before then to get 40 ounces for him while I am gone. So I started looking for an easier way to get breast milk- fast. Enter The Simplisse Double Electric Breast Pump!

The Simplisse Double Electric Breast pump was designed by lactation consultants and moms to feel like breastfeeding. The new Gentle Compression Technology is designed to help minimize tugging and pinching while the super-Soft BabyFace Flexible Breastcups conform to mom’s breast and naturally move with mom while expressing,. All that together makes the inner and outer breastcups work together to mimic baby’s tongue and suckling motions, to encourage Let-Down!

My The Simplisse Double Electric Breast pump got here super fast. I tore open the box and found a beautiful bag containing-
-Instruction Manual
-Instructional DVD
-Wet bag for used parts
-Breast pads
-Milk Storage bags
-4 -3oz collection bottles w/ lids
-Power cord
-Air tubing
-2 bottle stands
-2 breast cups
-Microfiber Cooler pack
-2 – Gel ice packs

When I started using the Simplisse electric pump, I wasn’t sure I was doing it right. It didn’t hurt.. All pumps I have ever used have hurt! The Simplisse will run for 30 minutes after being turned on- so there is no guess work for me. I place my breast into the cup and carry on with what I was doing. Normally Pinterest! The Simplisse pump is so gentle and comfortable, I don’t feel the tug and pull effect like most pumps have on my nipple. Besides holding the cups against myself- I can’t even tell that I am using the pump. It feels just like Emmitt is eating (with no scary teeth!)

One of my favorite features of the pump is the portable bag the pump comes in! I It looks like a real tote bag so I can carry it anywhere with out anyone knowing what it is. I am ok with nursing in public- but pumping in public I wouldn’t do!  I was pretty amazed to see that every piece fit back into the bag very easily for transport.

I am so excited, and proud to say that I have a full stash of frozen milk! This baby helps me let down like there is no tomorrow. Five sometimes six ounces from just one side!! If I pump in the morning I get eight to ten! I had literally given up on pumping, it was painful and just did not work for me- until the Simplisse! I am so glad I found this pump and I highly recommend if you are not able to let down to a traditional pump, or are just looking for a bit more comfort that you try the Simplisse out!

Buy It: You can purchase a Simplisse Double Pump for $191.98.

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  1. Where was this when I was breastfeeding!!!!!

  2. This looks like a wonderful solution for my sister. She’s expecting her first this June and nervous about the entire pumping situation!

  3. faith chukwuka says

    I had an Evenflo breast pump it worked great but i am hearing some really nice reviews about Simplisse breast pumps, all the other moms i know are using them.

  4. 2'nd time mom says

    I had a lot of trouble breast fedding my daughter last time and I was wondering about this pump here. I have heard mixed reveiws about it though and I am not sure if I want to go with it or not. I might have to be exclusivley pumping and I do not want to have problems with my pump if that is the case. If there are any moms that can give me advice please do so I need help!!! I am due with in the next month so I need a pump!!!

  5. Mommas Bacon says

    I desperately need a good double pump!

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