Simplisse: Manual Breast Pump

I started my search for products to make breast feeding easier as soon as I found out we were expecting again. I knew the Simplisse Manual Breast Pump would be perfect for me the second I saw it. It is a small hand held pump, which is all I needed since I would not be away from my daughter for any long periods of times!

I quickly tore into the package the second I received it in the mail. Prior to using it I noticed how soft the breast cup was.  The pump features compression technology and Super-Soft BabyFace Flexible Breastcups that are extremely comfortable. They conform to your breast and naturally move with mom while expressing.

I had trouble at first getting the pump to work for me. But after reading the informative manual, which has amazing pictures in it, I was able to get my milk flowing! The pump works by naturally eliciting milk expression. It was designed to emulate a baby’s sucking motions and feeding pressures instead of sucking. With that knowledge I got to work; it took about a minute to get the milk flowing but once it started it came fairly easily.

Mallorie is my second daughter, which means sometimes her big sis needs me and I need to quickly attend to Makenzi. I love that the Simplisse comes with a  holding stand because I can quickly set it in the stand and tend to what needs to without the risk of having the pump with milk in it tip over and spill.

When I first took the pump apart to clean I was a little overwhelmed, there are quite a few steps to the process, however the detailed manual helped me quickly understand how to put it all back together!

I did have a few issues with this pump. The milk sometimes gets backed up and the value inverts itself and stop milk from flowing into the bottle occasionally and the soft cup design sometimes does not keep a tight, sealed suction on me and I end up with more milk on me than in the bottle- however these issues only have happened a handful of times.

Buy It: You can purchase the Simplisse: Manual Breast Pump for 24.98.


  1. Thanks for the review. I will be looking into this when the next baby comes around!

  2. Cláudia Costa says

    this Its amazing

  3. Andrea Bullock says

    Thanks for the review. If I have another baby I would be open to trying it.

  4. Patricia Williams says

    I have been researching different types of manual pumps trying to decide on one before the baby gets here. Thanks fir the honest review

  5. Patricia Williams says

    I have been researching different types of manual pumps trying to decide on one before the baby gets here. Thanks for these the honest review

  6. Carolyn A Colley (Griffith, Smith) says

    nice, I wasn’t able to breast feed either of my babies, I really wanted that bond, it was medically why I could not feed

  7. Christina S says

    I had a manual pump when I couldn’t afford an electric and it would cramp up my hand. LoL. This is ergonimically correct (well, as much as a manual pump can) and I like the price point.

  8. Amanda Starr says

    Thanks for the review. 🙂 Seem like a good pump and is a great price.

  9. Patricia Williams says

    I already commented, but I did buy this pump and I love it. Thanks for the great advice.

  10. Mary Gallardo says

    I used to love breastfeeding when my girl was tiny, but always hated pumping!

  11. Thanks for the review! I liked having a manual pump when I wanted to pump on one side while nursing on the other!

  12. Laura Grace Andry says

    The stand looks like a must, especially the more children you have. My last manual breast pump literally fell apart in my hands and I am in need of a new one for baby number three. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I have not used a manual pump before, but this one looks nice.

  14. carol roberts says

    thank the lord im done but this is way better than manual pump och

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