Smart Tech to Help You Fulfill Your New Year Travel Resolutions

Going on a vacation can be exciting, but getting to your destination and not enjoying your stay or trips along the way is the last thing you would want. Tech is here to make things easier and travel more fun. As you plan your travel resolutions, have you considered what you need to bring along to make your trip more convenient and memorable?

Here are some tech tips you should consider to help you fulfill your new year travel resolutions:

New Generation Smartphones: iPhone X

New generation smartphones are hitting the market with more travel-friendly features. With improvements to camera systems and a wide range of other capabilities, landing your hands on phones like the iPhone X or the Samsung Galaxy S8 is actually a big step forward when planning your new year travel resolutions.

There are numerous smartphone apps dedicated to traveling that you can exclusively access on your phone while on the move. From searching for sushi restaurants, organizing group trips on the fly, planning random meetups in a new city and even looking for great accommodation deals, the right phone will help you plan your trip better.

Wearable Devices

Traveling often means sacrificing the luxuries you enjoy at your home, but it doesn’t mean that you have to forego your normal activities like working out. If you’re a frequent traveler and have always found yourself wondering why you never follow your plans as expected, it’s time you invested in some wearable tech.

Wearable devices like the Apple Smartwatch will ensure you never miss out on important notifications from your iPhone. If you’re a workout enthusiast who has decided to meet set goals during your next trip, wearable workout devices are a must-have. Wearable devices come in handy, especially when they can be synched with your phone to keep up with your resolutions.

Luggage Tracker

If you’ve ever lost your luggage when traveling, then you know how tedious and nerve-wracking it can be trying to get it back. Maybe, you have never lost your luggage but have seen a fellow traveler go through the stress of trying to find their luggage. Don’t wait for this to happen and then wonder why you didn’t take measures to prevent this scenario in the first place.

Plan on buying a small luggage tracker in your new year’s travel resolutions plan. A good tracker comes with a GPS chip that keeps you up-to-date on its newest destination. Luggage trackers like Trakdot will alert you on your Android or iOS phone whenever you’re within 30 feet of your luggage.  Make sure you learn how to buy luggage for your trip that everything will fit in.

A High-Capacity External Battery

If you’re regularly traveling to remote destinations or love off-the-beaten-path experiences, you need extra power for your devices. External battery chargers are more popular than ever as more people enjoy the convenience of having ready-to-go power availability for the phones, tablets and even cameras. Make it a new year’s resolution to get a high-capacity battery.

Instead of going for the smaller types, do yourself a favor by buying a slightly larger one with sufficient capacity to charge your phone or other handheld devices at least multiple times. There’s nothing frustrating than thinking you have enough power to get you through your trip, but getting stuck with being offline, missing a connection or great photo moments.

Choose What Suits You

There are numerous tech options in the market to help plan your trip better, enjoy your trip along the way and even record great moments. From noise-canceling headphones to give you some peace of mind, streaming sticks to keep you entertained when away from home to small and powerful drones that help you capture great photos and videos, you have numerous options.

Travelers worldwide will be looking to technology to help better understand specific destinations and even accommodations before they book. Immersive experiences are expected to reach the next level in the coming years as travelers use smart tech to decide where they will travel to and plan their trips.

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