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Have you ever wished you could set it and forget it when it comes to dinner? I sure have. Thankfully, with the Solavore Sport Oven I can!downloadThat’s right. You read right. With the Solavore Sport Oven you can literally “set it and forget it” and go about your busy day. The food will be perfectly cooked when you return.  The oven is very popular among campers, preppers, outdoor enthusiasts, bikers and sailors. It can be used to cook a broad range of delicious food including meat, poultry, vegetables, fish, slow cooked meals and baked goods, without using cooking fuel of any kind other than sunlight. The Solavore Sport oven also pasteurizes water and dehydrates food.

Purpose-built by solar-cooking experts for maximum efficiency, durability, and ease of use, the outdoor stove weighs just 9 pounds and measures 12 ¼” high by 27 ¼” long by 17” wide. Oven temperatures typically range from 210º – 260º F, maxing out at 300º F. In other words, hot enough for slow-cooked goodness (food cooks starting at 180º F) but not hot enough to burn dinner. It simmers like a crock pot and bakes like an oven

Designed by engineers from 3M, the Solavore Sport is a virtually indestructible, retained-heat box-type solar oven made of rugged, durable, lightweight injection-molded nylon resin. Surround insulation and two-pot capacity enable unattended, family-size year-round cooking. The Sport solar oven is an industry leader in price, performance, family-size capacity and rugged durability.

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Every Solavore solar oven purchased in the developed world helps to fund a Solavore Sport somewhere in the developing world where an open fire is still the main kitchen appliance.Over 20,000 Solavore Sport ovens have been deployed in 60 countries. The benefits that Solavore Works, Solavore’s corporate social responsibility program, brings to communities in the developing world include:

  • Respiratory health: freedom from common diseases such as pneumonia, which kills more than 3 million people a year around the world due to indoor cooking fires
  • Water pasteurization and food dehydration
  • The removal of one of the main causes of deforestation in the developing world, the continuous chopping of firewood
  • Savings in energy expenditures, which can range up to 25-50% of a family’s budget
  • The ability for girls to attend school rather than spend their days collecting firewood and venturing further and further away from home to do this
  • Increased income generation, enabling a woman to sell the excess food that she bakes or dehydrates in her solar oven

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