Spa Options for Your Needs

A spa treatment is a perfect thing for anyone in need of some relaxation – to get rid of the daily stresses, or if you just want to get that feeling of being pampered. A great spa can bring the luxuries of different countries and cultures to you – from a massage from India, Thailand or Sweden. But then, it can be hard to know the best option for you. We’ve put together this helpful guide that will help you choose the best treatment for you.

Acupressure Massage

This is the ideal treatment for someone looking to get rid of stress, and to remove any pain you have. This combines acupuncture, the placing of pressure on critical areas in the body associated with healing and relaxation, with massage techniques. The person performing the massage will apply pressure on these important areas, which will have a relaxing effect by removing knots in the muscles, improving your circulation, and easing any niggling aches and pains you may have.

Abdominal Massage

This form of massage is focused around the stomach area, and is particularly helpful for anyone suffering from discomfort in this area. This may be if you have painful cramps during your period, hormonal or bladder issues, and bowel problems or digestive issues. The gentle massage will help ease discomfort and tension in this area to reduce pain and help you manage your problems more easily. 

Thai Massage

A classic traditional massage developed in Thailand, this is a full body massage that works the legs, torso, shoulders, face, and head. The massage can be done on the floor or a massage table, and the person carrying out the massage will use their fingers, palms, and elbows to work each area. This can be a stronger massage, and focuses on reducing pain and getting rid of tension in the muscles, as well as a relaxation element. This massage could be avoided if you have any weaknesses in your shoulders or back, but if you let the masseur know these issues before the massage, they will be able to tailor it for you.

 Deep Tissue

A more traditional massage, sometimes referred to as a sports massage, a deep tissue massage works the muscles with fingers and palms to remove tension. This may be from physical activity like a sport, but may also be from a muscle imbalance or as part of physio treatment from an injury. The massage itself can sometimes be uncomfortable, as deep work needs to be done to the area. But then, you’ll find that you feel far better once the work has been done. Fantastic deep tissue massages can be found at Liv Aesthetics Med Spa.Aromatherapy

This is a massage technique involving oils to allow the long strokes to flow against the skin more easily. The oils are absorbed by the skin and are both relaxing, and will make your skin look fantastic. Different oils are used depending on what you’re looking for, but popular treatments have calming effects, energizes, and cleanses or relaxes the skin.

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