Spoonful of Comfort – The Get Well Soup

Everything in this day and age is so fast. Go to McDonald’s and get your food fast. Head to a local car garage and get your oil changed super fast. Spoonful of Comfort helps you return to a slower age and send good old-fashioned chicken soup therapy, without making anyone wait.

Each morning the Spoonful of Comfort kitchen simmers with award-winning chicken noodle soup made from all natural ingredients. Every jar of Spoonful of Comfort soup is carefully made in small batches to draw out the best flavors and ensure superior taste. It starts with delicious all natural broth made from a delicate blend of spices and herbs. Then, large white chunks chicken mix with fresh organic vegetables and thick pasta noodles in a soup that will cheer up anyone.

After the soup cooks slowly in small batches, four to six servings are carefully transferred to a 64 ounce oldfashioned Mason jar and immediately cooled to maintain freshness. At the same time, made-from-scratch rolls and homemade oatmeal raisin cookies are baked to complete the meal!

The mason jar my husband was very very impressed with. He expected a plastic container, and when he saw the mason jar, it brought back old memories of his great grandmother cooking jams, soups, and tea! He knows that mason jars are known for holding flavor better, and didn’t stop talking about this mason jar for days.

Normally I pick any and all chunks of meat out of my food, especially being pregnant; I am very picky about meat. Spoonful of comfort meat was all white meat and tasted so good. I use salt on all my food. No matter what it is, salt goes on it. I ate an entire bowl of Spoonful of Comfort without even asking for the salt. The rolls… I could spend hours telling you how good the rolls were. We received six rolls, and I ate four of them. Horrible I know, but they were oh so good.

As soon as you place your order the cooled jar is personally decorated with a large bow,placed on iced gel packs and tightly wrapped in temperature control material to ensure that the soup arrives at the desired location still cold and free of negative impact.

It is clear that every step in the Spoonful of Comfort process is designed for excellence, a fact that is easily recognized in the packaging. The company’s passion in this area has led to creative touches of thought and care in every box. Once the soup is wrapped for freshness it is carefully placed alone or with rolls, and cookies! Decorative crinkle paper fills the remaining space and protects the food items from shifting during delivery. An artistic layer of beautifully designed paper and a personal handwritten note on a custom card are positioned to be the first things seen as the box is opened by the one needing a pick-me up.

Then, the box is hand sealed and secured for air delivery to any U.S. address. Our soup didn’t even last long enough for me to get out the pretty soup bowl and take pictures! As soon as the soup was heated, and the rolls were done, my wonderful husband grabbed rubbermaid storage containers and served up the soup. Spoonful of Comfort isn’t just for sick people. I would love to have this delivered to my doorstep after the birth of a new baby.

At a price similar to flowers, Spoonful of Comfort is defiantly something I would love to receive instead of flowers.

Buy It: You can purchase Spoonful of Comfort for 39.95!


  1. AWESOME idea, and much better than flowers, especially in the winter. This will be particularly good for my nephew who is away at college in Colorado.

  2. nancy mcallister says

    I ordered from them 3 times recently. The product makes a very nice gift. However, my most recent order was not delivered as promised due to FedEx. This being a perishable food gift it requires prompt delivery. Also, when you pay for expedited delivery you expect the item will actually be delivered on time. I have tried repeatedly to reach customer service at Spoonful of Comfort but only get the voice mail. So far, no response to my emails either.Even though Fedex is as fault here it is Spoonful of Comforts responsibility to be available to assist customers who have paid for the gift and need help with an order. I will give them the opportunity to make this right but if not I will not order with them again.

  3. nancy mcallister says

    Follow up to my earlier post: Just heard from Spoonful of Comfort. They are going to refund my shipping and if the package is not delivered by tomorrow they offered a full refund or re-shipment. They were super nice and sounded very concerned about the problem. I will definitely order from them again but will most likely request a shipping method other than Fedex if possible.

  4. L Hollowell says

    Our daughter recently passed away from pancreatic caner, and we received your chicken noodle package.
    It included everything needed , and we thought it was so very thoughtful of the sender. It is certainly a better idea than sending flowers to the home. I would definitely order this.

    • L Hollowell says

      I forgot to mention the very important part of my comment reply earlier of receiving the book HEALING AFTER LOSS which my husband and I read every day and find it very helpful.

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