Square Watermelon

My kids eat a lot of  watermelon when it is in season. I love it too, but the thing takes up so much room in my fridge. Yesterday Derrick climbed INTO the fridge to get at the watermelon, it rolled off my shelf, and smashed all over the floor, take it from me watermellon is not fun to clean up.

Oh and cats choke on watermelon seeds- but that is a story for another day.

I was looking online for easier ways to store watermelon and I found that awhile ago Japanese farmers figured out a way to make square watermelons. They forced their waterme

lons to grow into a square by inserting the melons into square, tempered glass cases while the fruit was still growing on the vine.

Unfortunatly because of the extra care it takes to make the watermelon square- they sell for twice the price of a normal watermelon. So I guess I will just have to stick to my round watermelons for now!

Would you pay twice as much, just for a square melon?


  1. Royalegacy says

    I, too, will stick with a regular watermelon. Although, if they started doing this with pumpkins, they may have a bigger hit.

  2. LOL! I want a square watermelon, just to take pictures of…but I’ll stick to my normal round for everyday. LOL

  3. Melissa Lawler says

    No way would I pay more! But they sure are wild to look at!

  4. Laurel Cooper says

    That is really Cool, but it makes me wonder if any chemicals or Hormones are used in the process also. I too shall stick to the Way God intends them to be..Round, Oval, and Oblong. =)

    • There’s no extra chemicals involved to make it square! You can pretty much do that with any shape and fruit/veg that grows on a vine on the ground like that. All they do is basically put a container or form around the plant from when it’s small so as it grows it can only grow where it has room to grow and then takes on the shape of the container surrounding it. It’s pretty neat and natural! 🙂

  5. Those are really cool! I think I would buy one but only if I had a party or event going on where I would actually use the rind to serve the fruit in or something, otherwise it would just feel like a waste.

  6. i wouldnt pay twice as much…but my 4 year old would LOVE IT

  7. probably not, but it is cool looking;0

  8. That looks so freaky! WOW. jut WOW lol

  9. melissa williams says

    i’ve never seen a square watermelon before, that looks so cool and weird at the same time.

  10. Lbrouse1 (at) gmail (dt) com
    OK, I do understand the usefulness, but I find them to be creepy.

    • its so when it goes to grocery stores its easier and more can be shipped. honestly i think they should just keep it the normal price and send it out EVERYWHERE! its cheaper in the long run. I wish the market places would have accepted the milk jugs that were square it would make a big difference in our economy. When something is cheaper to ship then the prices can go down. BUT a lot of people are afraid of change which makes it a flop in the stores.

  11. Those are really neat – I am glad they aren’t genetically altered or something – I didn’t know you could force watermelons to grow square.

  12. Denise Wilson says

    I would probably buy one once just to try it!

  13. stephanie miller says

    those are the coolest things ive seen since the disney gardens!! i dont know if i could pay double tho, maybe a little more but not double. i usually buy the small ones and cut them up and put them in tupperware. it gets eaten within a couple days!

  14. Katie Barrett says

    I think I would have to buy one, just once.. just for the fun of it! :o)

  15. Mama Chocolate says

    I’m too cheap…er, frugal, but those are SO awesome! Maybe someday that’ll be the ONLY way they grow watermelons. They’d be so much easier to slice, too…

  16. Rhonda Martin says

    I have never seen a square watermelon until today reading your post and it’s too cool. I would definitely pay the extra because of the space and the mess it would save. It would be so much easier to to cut a nice fruit basket out of it and make a great center piece for any gathering. Wish they sold them near me. I can’t wait to tell the girls at work about this one.

  17. shirley moweary says

    would be nice to see one day at a lower price

  18. Farrah Shumway says

    That’s so funny! No I would not pay extra for a square watermelon even though I really want to be able to say I have square watermelons haha. I just don’t see why, I’m just not that spoiled I guess 🙂
    Thanks for showing me this, I got a good laugh.

  19. cyndi stallings says

    No, they freak me out being square, give me the ol’ oval/round ones! When I get watermelon or cantalope or whatever fruit, Ive been cutting up and putting into my storage containers right away! I also do this with vegetables like peppers, cucmbers etc.. They are then ready when I want to cook (usually in a hurry), take up less room, and they dont get lost in the fridge.


  20. I definitely wouldn’t pay 2x as much. I like them as they come, the way nature intended.

  21. Sure would be nice but watermelon is expensive enough without paying more to get it square. 🙂

  22. I don’t think I’d pay extra! Maybe though if it was for a special occasion! Definitely makes for a good conversation piece~!

  23. Amanda Alvarado says

    OMG I thought it was a joke when I first saw the post. Once I read that it’s actually true! Totally weird!

  24. I’m going to have to say….no.

  25. Megan Olaveson says

    I would rather stick with a traditional watermelon. I find this creepy.

  26. Amy Hollingsworth says

    that is crazy..and no I would not pay extra for a square watermelon…

  27. Lol we have known about square watermelons for a while here. We are Japanese and my oldest kids are always google-ing Japan and showed em to me a while back because they thought it was just insane (their word not mine lol) they also couldnt believe the price difference and having been raised by a frugal (coughcheapcough) mommy they swore they would never pay extra for a gimmick and neither would I!

  28. OMG – This is the craziest looking thing ever! I would not pay twice as much, lol! However, I can see why people would!

  29. My kids LOVE watermellon. They would get a big kick out of this.

    • Gladys Parker says

      I have had the same problem so many times. I think I’d really consider buying a square watermelon or atleast dream about it! It is so healthy well compared to a lot of the summer alternatives. It being square would make it easier hmmm My budget says I’d have to buy one half as often so the answer has to be no!

  30. Leslie Galloway says

    Ha! I thought for sure that photo was fake when I first saw it. Have you actually seen them in person at the store? My kids would love this. Although, I doubt we’d bring it home for twice as much $$. I usually just cut it up and put it in tupperware before it ever hits the fridge.

  31. Amanda Larson says

    While it is tempting, I wouldn’t pay the extra money. I had one fall off the counter and on to my foot this weekend. It actually stayed intact, but my toe hurt like heck!

  32. Interesting! My husband grows watermelon (skipped this year because we were too busy). I’m going to bring this up to him. He’ll probably want to make some crazy device to do the same thing.

    I’ll probably stick to my regular watermelon too. I usually cut it up as soon as I get home and it’s in a bowl in the fridge and gone within 24-48 hours anyway.

    To the one who mentioned square pumpkins – I love it! That make those carving days much easier I bet! Hubby grows pumpkins too usually. If he makes one for the watermelon, he’s making me 4 square pumpkins for next October. 😛

  33. You have to give them the credit for such creativity. Twice as much? Don’t worry, eventually, everyone will do it and it will be cheaper again. 😉

  34. You are now aware that this is how they got those square watermelon blocks in Super Mario Sunshine.

  35. I love my messy and round watermelons but those square ones are pretty to look at. I’ve not seen any around here.

  36. Of Course I would! Build some buildings out of that stuff.

  37. Those are so neat! I have never heard of such a thing before! I bet it does make it easier to store though. Thanks for letting us know about this!

  38. I wouldn’t pay more for it just because of the shape, but this is neat to see! Thanks for sharing!

  39. Wow, I had no idea there was even such a thing as a square watermelon! I think I’ll stick with round anyway 🙂

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  40. I wouldn’t pay twice as much, but just imagine how much easier it would be to cut it up into square chunks! I’d like to see one cut in half.


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