Step2 LifeStyle Custom Kitchen Brights

Disclosure: The kitchen in the feature below sent compliments of Step2.

For years and years the hottest selling Christmas toy list has always included a play kitchen. This year, like every year all the big companies are fighting for that top spot. But I have got to say, after checking out the Step2 LifeStyle Custom Kitchen Brights I know it’s my winner!

IMG_7716Play kitchens are normally pretty over whelming right out of the box. Most have about a billion pieces so I was pleased to see that the LifeStyle Custom did not. I can never decide what to do with our kitchens on Christmas eve. Do I leave them in the box and wrap so there is a jumbo box under the tree or do I set it up so they can play with it the second they see it?! With this kitchen, either can be done because set up only takes about ten minutes and the majority of the time was spent applying stickers.

IMG_7715The traditional Step2 LifeStyle Custom Kitchen comes with appliances that are stainless steel and white cabinets, which is great if you have a little one that wants a kitchen just like mom and dad. However I love the playful and fresh colors of the LifeStyle Brights kitchen and really feel like it livens up the kids playroom and matches the rest of the toy bins!

IMG_8004Features like the electronic microwave, stove top and phone make pretend play a bit more fun because the kids feel like they are using a real kitchen and the special frying pan and boiling pot activate boiling water and electronic frying sounds so meal making feels realer than ever.

IMG_7718Storage space is limited with this kitchen. There is a small storage bin and a pull-out drawer that have room for a few odds and ends. As well as a storage shelf for dishes, sink with faucet and shelf over the stove. The kitchen also comes with a 20-piece accessory set that allows your little one to play with the kitchen straight out of the box.

IMG_7719wMy very favorite feature of this kitchen is the price point. Finding a kitchen this big, with as many features as it offers for less than one hundred dollars is darn near impossible. I am very impressed that Step2 was able to keep this kitchen under one hundred and because of that think it makes a fabulous under the tree present this year!

Buy It: You can purchase the Step2 LifeStyle Custom Kitchen Brights for 99.99 from

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  1. This is very cool wish they had this when my girls were little they would’ve loved it.

  2. Patty White says

    I love the plate slots!! the kitchens have come such a long way over the years, and the little details are so special!

  3. Karen Glatt says

    This Kitchen Brights is such a nice toy and my niece would love to get this for Christmas as a gift. It looks very sturdy and would give her hours of fun. I sure liked playing with my Kitchen when I was a kid!

  4. Maria Iemma says

    My granddaughter would have lots of fun playing ‘cooking’ in that kitchen.

  5. wow i rember these but they were metal as kid they are esy to clean and take apart and move to ohter area

  6. Edna Myers says

    I love this lil Kitchen very nice.

  7. I had to play in my mom’s real kitchen with real pots and pans. But I did learn to cook at an early age.

  8. Julia Cosgrove says

    I love this. The colors are so bright and inviting. My kids would love this.

  9. Cynthia Cover says

    Wow, my kids would really enjoy this totally colorful kitchen. What an awesome activity to teach kitchen safety,

  10. Renee Ashley Hanna says

    These are rally neat and fun for toddlers. My son had one of these when he was a toddler. It really keeps them bust.

  11. Mary Mosier says

    Love this, perfect for my “step” grandbaby!! Lilly would love it

  12. I love the bright colors and dependable material that Step2 toys are made for

  13. Christina Strapp says

    That is a nice little kitchen with a lot of cool gadgets.

  14. Michael Lambert says

    My daughter would love this kitchen. I like the fun bright colors.

  15. Sherry Compton says

    Very cool, realistic, and colorful! I love the bins. The stickers really bring the oven and burners to life. How fun!

  16. Nena Sinclair says

    My granddaughter has this kitchen and she loves it! Its so sturdy, but then again, all Step2 products are!

  17. karen medlin says

    I like the bright colors and all the little storage place they can use. Just like a real kitchen. I like that the doors don’t have pinch points for the little fingers to get caught. Thanks for the review

  18. My daughter would love that. I love how Step2 does try to keep with the color coordination. It helps keep the playroom looking more clean and organized and all part of a matching ‘set.

  19. kristy edgington says

    I like how colourful this kitchen is and it can be used for a boy or girl

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