Suave Hair Care For The Entire Family

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There are seven heads of hair in the Real Mom Reviews household! That means that if each of us takes a 10 minute shower each day we use 175 gallons of water, half a bottle of shampoo and half a bottle of conditioner. The price adds up real fast. We use the most energy efficient shower head money can buy so the only way to save on our daily shower needs is to shop for affordable hair care products- like Suave!

Suave offers products that my entire family can use.  However the best part is that Suave products are available at Walmart so I can buy super affordable hair care products right at my local store.

I personally use Suave Professionals Almond and Shea Butter Shampoo and conditioner. I picked up the pair below for only $4.98 and they are both huge bottles. It helps bring back the lost moisture in my hair and add shine. I have quite dry and damaged hair, so this works very well for me. Plus it smells great.

1278265_10201652816076438_1030803782_nMy kids use a super fun 3 in 1 shampoo, conditioner and body wash. They love that the bottles look fun and I love that they only require one bottle in their bathroom and the bottle only cost me $2.99. One bottle lasts for about a month, but covers my kids from head to toe!

My very favorite Suave kids product is their detangler. Carlee wakes up with quite a head full of knots and before I found Suave we had tears and screams as I brushed her hair. With just a few squirts of one of the bottles below, there are no screams or tears!

1289937_10201652815396421_1107114494_nBuy It: You can purchase Suave products like the ones mentioned above and many more in-store or online!

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