Summer Holiday Essentials Most People Forget to Pack

I know a lot of you are going on holiday with your kids soon, so thought a packing related post would be helpful. Going on vacation is great, but packing is a pain, especially if you forget something important.passion-fruit-daiquiri-906099_1280

It feels awful to put a lot of time and effort into packing only to realise when you get there that you have left something important at home. Usually, the things people forget to take are items they rarely use at home, which is why they do not think about packing them when they go on holiday.

A roomy bag

If you are planning to go on day trips or spend days on the beach make sure you pack a bag that is big enough to hold everything the family needs. That way you can keep everything easily to hand.

Something smart to wear

It is a good idea to pack at least one smart outfit for each member of the family. A maxi dress like the ones you can buy here, will not take up a lot of space in the case. For the boys a pair of long trousers and a button down shirt is all you need to make sure they look smart enough to eat in a nice restaurant.

Bug protection

If you are lucky enough to live somewhere bugs are not an issue it is all too easy to forget to pack sufficient insect protection products. There is nothing worse than getting bitten. It is usually wise to pack plug in bug repellent units as well as insect sprays or wrist bands.

Stain remover

When you are eating burgers and ice cream, on the go, food accidents are almost inevitable. So, having a stain pen in your bag is always a good idea. That way you will not always have to wash the item to get it clean enough to wear the next day.

Convertors and chargers

You need to make sure that everyone can keep their electronics properly charged. That means making sure that you take the right convertors and chargers with you.

In most hotel rooms there are not many power points available. Therefore, it is wise to pack the type of charger that enables you to charge more than one item at once.

Make a last minute check list

Strangely, the item that gets left at home the most is passports, tickets and visas. Clearly if you are travelling abroad you need these, so they are on most families┬┤ pack lists.

The problem is that in the rush to get everyone, and the cases into the car, an awful lot of us end up leaving the bag that contains these vital items in the hallway. To make sure you do not do this, put a note on the steering wheel to remind you to double check that you have all of the travel documents you need on your person before you actually pull out of the drive.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. It is here to get you thinking outside the box so you can come up with your own ideas and avoid forgetting something important the next time you travel as a family.


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