Switched At Birth: Volume 1 DVD

On December 13th, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment released Switched At Birth: Volume 1 on DVD!

From the studio that brought you “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” comes a groundbreaking new drama about the upheaval that two teen girls experience when they discover that they were accidentally switched atbirth.

Bay Kennish is an artsy teenager. Her mom is a stay at home mom, her dad is a former professional baseball player father. She has a brother named Toby. They live in a pretty well to do area in Kansas.

Daphne Vasquez is a deaf teen who lives with her struggling single mother Regaina and her grandmother, who is from Puerto Rico. They live in Missouri, in a working class neighborhood. Daphne lost her hearing after a case of meningitis as a small child. Her world is very different from Bay’s world.

During a school project, Bay finds out her blood type doesn’t match her family’s, and the whole family ends up getting genetic testing done. It turns out the hospital accidentally switched Daphne and Bay at birth! When the two girls meet, they struggle with each other’s identities. The girls really are complete opposites. The show centers on this, as Daphne’s family ends up moving on the Kennish’s family property.

I can not imagine now finding out that my child was switched at birth now with my oldest being 4, nevermind find out when they were teens! However I think it would be just as confusing for the child.

The DVD includes all 10 episodes of Switched At Birth and has a running time of 430+ minutes! The suggested retail price is 29.99. You can also instantly stream these episodes right now if you have Netflix)


  1. I’ve seen this show a few times and it’s actually really cute. I’ve enjoyed it. I should get this so I can catch up on the episodes I missed!

  2. Jennifer Anderson says:

    I love this show! Can’t wait til it comes back on!!

  3. My kids love this show, it is cute.

  4. I’ll have to check it out!

  5. Mama Chocolate (Johanna) says:

    I’ve been watching this on Netflix, and I’m hooked! 🙂

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