Simplisse: Manual Breast Pump

I started my search for products to make breast feeding easier as soon as I found out we were expecting again. I knew the Simplisse Manual Breast Pump would be perfect for me the second I saw it. It is a small hand held pump, which is all I needed since I would not be away from my daughter for any long periods of times! I quickly tore into the package the second I received it in the mail. Prior to using it I noticed how soft the breast cup was.  The pump features compression technology and Super-Soft BabyFace Flexible Breastcups that are extremely comfortable. They conform to your breast and … [Read more...]

Dr Brown’s: Gia Angled Nursing Pillow

When I became pregnant with my second daughter I knew that I would nurse her, no question about it. With my first daughter I used an older Boppy pillow that was small and hard. I ended up using a softer pillow after the first few days because of how uncomfortable it was. I am a fuller figured woman so I needed a pillow that was a bit less constricting. When I first used the Gia Angled Pillow by Dr. Brown's I was amazed at how unique it was and was so excited to give it a try! The Gia features: Angled feeding may help digestion and help reduce reflux & other feeding problems. Wider, flatter … [Read more...]

Udder Covers for Nursing mothers

When you become a mom, one of the biggest decisions you have to make is if you are going to formula feed or breast feed. Here at Real Mom Reviews we support both, but encourage breast feeding if at all possible. One of the biggest road blocks many mothers come across is becoming uncomfortable nursing in public- That is where Udder Covers comes into play! Udder Covers provides a way to discreetly nurse in public while all the while being stylish! I am a pretty modest woman, but I knew for sure that I wanted to nurse so for me the Udder Covers was the perfect solution. All Udder covers are super … [Read more...]

Cover My Heart Nursing Cover

Cover My Heart puts a totally new spin on the traditional nursing cover. It is a stylish, breathable cover with pillow back support! Cover my Heart nursing covers feature custom designed prints exclusively for nursing cover was created by a mother who addressed comfort, and designed the cover with a functional heart shaped pillow that gained back support. I found that the cover was a bit bulkier to lug around than my normal cover- however, Emmitt loves to use it in the stroller as a pillow and blanket and it entertains him for quite some time. Whether your breastfeeding at home … [Read more...]

Simplisse Double Electric Breast Pump

I have never ever been able to 'let down' to a pump. After 20 or so minutes of my nipples getting pulled and tugged (which feels nothing like my baby) I maybe get an ounce from both sides. Yes- that is one ounce from both sides, or a half an ounce per breast. It is pointless and depressing to even attempt for me to pump. I have been nursing Emmitt for 11 months now. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week I have to be close by in case he is hungry. I don't mind this at all- but sometimes I wish I could let dad take the night shift, or go out on my own for a few hours! I have a business trip next week and I … [Read more...]

Boppy Travel Pillow

I loved my Boppy! The only thing at all I would have changed was to make it easier to go with me. However that really isnt possible while keeping the design the same one I love. Well I didnt think it was possible. Many other moms wrote into Boppy and let them know they would like to more travel ready as well- and Boppy listened! The Boppy Travel Pillow is just that. It’s the same great quality as the original Boppy pillow but has been made slightly more compact with handy travel features added. The adjustable shoulder strap makes it super easy for both me and Nate to carry around!  All I have to do … [Read more...]

Womama Nursing Nightie

I cosleep with Emmitt and we are still nursing. Nursing him at night is much easier when I wear a nursing tank. The Womama Nursing Nightie is an ocean-blue, floral-trimmed nursing nightie that is great for pregnant women and nursing women. "The Womama Nursing Nightie is made of luxurious micro-fiber and organic cotton, so it is super soft! It has a certified organic cotton built-in shelf bra with breast frame support and the maternity clips allow for easy access. The Garden Party Nursing Nightie also accommodates up to an E cup. The box pleat front adds comfort and improved fit of this … [Read more...]