The Carseat Canopy

  If you have a car seat that is a bit blah and you want to spice it up or have a blue carseat and are expecting a pink baby then I have the perfect solution for you! When I found out that we were expecting our second beautiful girl I knew I would be able to save a bit of money by simply reusing my first daughters infant carseat. Problem was- the army moved us last time and they lost a ton of our stuff, including the canopy that went over the carseat. A replacement canopy was almost as expensive as a new carseat so I figured I would just do with out- till I found out about carseat … [Read more...]

Baby Backseat Smartphone Holder

Have you ever had a screaming baby in the backseat of your car? If not can I know your secrets? The Cool Mika Baby Backseat Smartphone Holder lets you give them something entertaining to watch when they're stuck in their forward or rear facing infant car seat. Slip your smartphone into the holder and play their favorite video or educational baby app. The Baby Backseat Smartphone Holder comes with two different length (18" and 60") mounting straps which will allow a variety of mounting locations (front or back headrest, center armrest, around a bucket seat, around a split fold down seat). They can … [Read more...]

Baby Einstein Music & Discovery Travel Mirror

Emmitt gets so bored in the car. The other kids are big enough to be able to see out the window for something to look at. But poor Emmitt is still in his rear facing car seat so he gets very bored and sick of being in his seat with in 10 minutes of being in the car. He has been using and loving the Baby Einstein Music & Discovery Travel Mirror for a little over two weeks now and I am amazed at how much he loves it! There are four different play modes that introduce both shapes and colors, right now Emmitt is just enjoying the melody only setting with the flashing lights as he is a bit to young to … [Read more...]

Safety 1st Clic It! Universal Infant Car Seat Carrier

Whether you already own an infant seat that you'd love to turn into a travel system or if you're looking for ways to create a unique travel system of your very own, the Clic It! by Safety 1st gives you a rainbow of colors to work with and the safety options you're looking for. This is the second car seat carrier I have owned and this is far better than my old one.  I have a normal stroller- but there are times that my little one is sleeping in his car seat and it is much easier for me to let him stay asleep in his seat while I run my errands in the mall. So the Clic It! Universal Infant Car Seat … [Read more...]