2014 Dodge Journey

Disclosure: Dodge let me test drive a 2014 Journey for a week! If you don't quite need the seating space a minivan offers, but still want the comfort and space- the Dodge Journey may be the perfect vehicle for you to look into purchasing! The Dodge Journey is labeled as a 'crossover utility vehicle' because it can be purchased with an optional third row for occasional seating which gives the Journey way more flexibility than other five-seat crossover competitors. It comes packed with standard features and it starts at a price that's hard to believe- just $19.995. Because of that optional third row, it … [Read more...]

2013 Dodge Dart

Disclosure: Dodge let me test drive a 2013 Dart for a week! The 2013 Dodge Dart is Chrysler's newest spin on a compact-sedan. Filled with technology you crave, comfort you want and affordability you need the Dodge Dart could very well be the perfect car for you and your family! The Dodge Dart comes with an intuitive interior layout that was actually designed to be both beautiful and ergonomic. Ambient lighting, refined soft-touch surfaces, accent stitching on the dash and seats are just the beginning. The Dart has seats your literally melt into and when your in the drivers seat a 7-inch … [Read more...]