Hauck Freerider Single or Double Jogging Stroller

Disclosure: Hauck sent us a Freerider. Do you need a single stroller? Do you need a double stroller? Do you need a jogging stroller? Let me introduce you to one stroller, that is all the above- the hauck Freerider! The Freerider is a multifunctional single or double stroller that makes toting around young kiddos a breeze! I have found in the past that, for me, joggers are always the hardest strollers to maneuver- which is silly because they are built to be in motion! I had no issues at all strolling around with the Freerider. The three large wheels make maneuvering in stores, on gravel and even … [Read more...]

J is for Jeep Wrangler Sport Jogger

I am slowly, but surly recovering from my ankle surgery. One of the things the doctor said I should start doing more often is walking distances and once my ankle heals more jogging short distances. During the day I have Carlee and Emmitt home. Carlee can walk and even jog short distances with Carlee but Emmitt (18 months) needs a stroller to sit in that can be used for walking distances and jogging! The J is for Jeep Wrangler Sport Jogger fits this bill and has quickly become my go to stroller for nightly walks! "Whether you want to jog or walk, you can easily do both with the J is for … [Read more...]