2013 Kia Sportage

If you are looking for a crossover that is distinctive looking, boasts good fuel economy is fun to drive, can fit two extra large car seats and a huge double stroller, than the 2012 Kia Sportage may be the crossover for you! The Sportage gets a whopping 27 highway miles per gallon which is super high for a crossover. You will get around 20 if all your driving is city. During my test drive I got 24 miles per gallon which allowed me to use only a half a tank during my one week test drive, in which I used the Sportage and only the Sportage to run all my errands! The Sportage ranks 6 out of 21 when it … [Read more...]

2013 Kia Soul

The 2013 Kia Soul is an unmistakably stylish, practical, and affordable car that blends elements of a crossover, a station wagon, and a mini van into a single vehicle! The Kia Soul is an inexpensive, roomy, useful, and distinctive looking vehicle that offers you everything you need in a new vehicle! The Soul I tested below is the Soul ! with all the extras, painted a beautiful Molten red with a sticker price of $23,575. We borrowed the Kia for a week long test drive and shuttled kids, groceries and went on road trips to test the family friendliness of it and I was honestly quite surprised at how much I … [Read more...]

2012 Kia Optima Hybrid

With gas prices climbing up and up I keep talking to my husband about getting a hybrid. To be honest they just make more sense. Kia sent me their Optima Hybrid to put to the test and I am flabbergasted about the MPG I got this week! I drove it all over the place trying to use a full tank of gas in a week and just couldn't! The Kia Optima Hybrid is a midsize sedan that has seating for up to five people! The second row has 34.64 inches of leg room which is enough to stretch out in and relax very comfortably! I was able to install three car seats across the backseat with ease! The Optima is 190.7 inches … [Read more...]

2012 Kia Sorento

I have been driving and loving the 2012 Kia Sorento for about a week now. I never saw myself as a crossover type mom because I am way more of a tiny car person- however, when the Sorento left today I was actually sad to see it drive away. The Kia Sorento SX AWD has seating for up to seven people! The second row has 60/40 split seating and the third row features 50/50 split seats. I was able to install two car seats in the second row and two car seats in the third row. I could have installed a third in the second row, but then there would have been no way to fold down the seat and get to the third … [Read more...]