About Tara

Hello! I’m Tara. I am a thirty something wife and mother of four.  I live in a small town in Pennsylvania, right in the heart of Amish country.  My husband, James, and I  met and dated in high school only to marry him three years later. IMG_4309-EdityyI have three children Carter, Isabella and Stella.  As well as a step-daughter, Hannah.  I work full-time outside the home in addition to having my own photography business, Tara Griest Photography. I am also very involved in my children’s activities.  As well as helping to raise funds for lung cancer research.  I am passionate about creating a healthy lifestyle for my family which includes learning more about the use of essential oils.IMG_4295-EditCarter is my oldest and only boy.  He loves history and is active in cub scouts. He plays football in the local youth football program and enjoys basketball.  He also enjoys swimming on the local swim team.  When he is not at school, playing sports or with his scout troop he enjoys watching NFL football, playing on his XBOX 360 and iPad.Zing Fire Tek Bow Isabella is our most sassy child.  She loves dance and fashion.  She has been in dance since she was four years old, is a brownie with the local girl scout troop, which I am the troop leader of and enjoys cheering on the cheerleading squad for her school football team.  During the summer she enjoys swimming with her brother on the community swim team. During her free time she enjoys choreographing her own dance routines, doing crafts and watching youtube tutorials on various things.IMG_9495-Edit-2Stella is my baby. She is the little clown of the family always making everyone laugh.  She attends daycare/pre-school and loves all her friends she has there.  She loves playing with her kitchen set, My Little Pony and babies, having mommy & daddy read books to her and watching Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol.  She loves watching surprise egg videos on you tube.  Mommy is her best friend.IMG_4520-EditHannah is the quiet one of the family.  She loves fashion and makeup.  She is on the JV field hockey team at her school and also runs track.  She is looking forward to driving when she turns 16 and also attending college after high school but unsure of what she wants to do.

10984496_10206336676122067_4579341487574633678_oAs a family we enjoy traveling in our travel trailer to various campgrounds, being outdoors and making memories with our children.  We also enjoy traveling to Aruba during the winter months for a much needed break of the cold weather!12314520_945787598829082_5326698633414676761_o (1)