Technology vs. Nature: Why Outdoor Activities Are Important for Teens

Access to technology has become the norm for many of today’s modern households. However, as a result, advances such as mobile phones, gaming systems, smart televisions, and the internet where teens can quickly and easily communicate with others, are keeping teens indoors for much longer. And while the benefits of technology cannot be denied, the importance of spending time outdoors certainly cannot be ignored either. Parents should encourage their teens to participate in outdoors activities for a number of reasons. This article will cover the positive impacts of getting your teenager outside, away from their devices, and participating in healthy outdoor activities. 

Improves Physical Fitness

It does not matter if your teen is participating in a team-based sport or if they’re simply playing a game of dodgeball with friends in the front yard, being outdoors improves physical fitness. This is because getting your teen moving is a crucial step towards their overall growth and development. For example, moving around outdoors, such as when running, can further develop your teen’s fine motor and coordination skills. Such movement can improve how their body feels and it can even help to reduce childhood obesity while getting them into shape. What’s more is that a little fresh air and sunshine can go a long way for your teen’s overall well-being. Ultimately, active kids can come to appreciate the many benefits of maintaining a physical fitness routine even when they reach adulthood.

Improves Socialization

Participating in outside activities, especially group activities, is a great outlet for teens. This is an excellent way for parents to get their teens to socialize, meet peers, and build on their team building skills. Being outdoors with friends and teammates represents a great excellent opportunity for teens to freely express themselves, build their confidence and even improve their intellectual skills without the distractions of modern technology. Teens can also learn to develop trust, they can gain a sense of comradery, and they can develop the crucial life skills needed to overcome challenges. These are skills that they can even use much later in life. These are activities that can help them create memories that will last a lifetime as they share such moments with close friends.

Creates a Sense of Environmental Awareness

Being outdoors and away from electronics can also help teens get much closer to mother nature. Teens can enjoy various activities to include kite flying, hiking on nature trails, camping, star gazing, gardening in the backyard, visits to local natural attractions, or other nature-based adventures. By spending time directly in nature, teens can come to appreciate the outdoors, finding value in its beauty, and respect for its existence. Parents can even make these activities a regular family event by spending time with their teens and nurturing their appreciation for the great outdoors.

There are many advantages to getting your teen outdoors and away from technology. While television, video games, and the internet can be beneficial, getting kids accustomed to the natural elements is equally as important. From improved physical health, well-rounded social skills, an appreciation for nature in general getting your kids outside and away from their electronics can improve their health and wellness. The great thing about outside activities is that there is no right or wrong approach to what activities they can participate in. They can play sports, visit a park, build a garden or simply hang out with friends in the backyard. So, no matter their activity of choice, parents can do their kids a great service by encouraging them to spend more time exploring nature and less time engaging with technology. 

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