Teething Bling Patterned Pendants

Emmitt is by far the worst teether we have ever had. It seems like nothing can soothe him when his teeth hurt. He has 7 teeth so far and they keep coming in, one by one. I swear he is just trying to torture me!

I have a lot of jewelry that I am dying to wear- but he puts everything in his mouth so none of my jewelry is safe around my neck, where Emmitt’s hands creep when he nurses.

Teething Bling makes the perfect solution to my problem! Teething Bling is ‘teethable’ jewelry.  Each pendant is made from a commonly-used, medical-grade, food-safe silicone. It’s the same material found in many teething toys and other baby products, such as the ‘coated’ infant spoons we all use. The cord is made from nylon cord and includes breakaway clasps on all pendant.

Teething Bling is different from other teething jewelry because it is the only product that has received European approval, undergoes quarterly safety testing in the US and abroad and includes breakaway clasps on all pendants! Plus they don’t do any outsourcing. If you have a question or concern, you will reach someone in their American office.

Teething Bling contains no harmful chemicals: no phthalates, BPAs, PVCs, lead or latex- so they are 100% safe for little mouths. All products are CPSIA compliant, carry the European CE mark for safety and are FDA approved.

Recently Teething Bling came out with a few new lines besides their traditional signature one color pendants. We were sent the Zebra pendant to try out and Emmitt really loves it. It helps soothe his teeth and provides him something to play with instead of my hair! The pendant piece is hard, yet soft enough that when you bit it it does not hurt your teeth. To be honest I even find myself biting on it when I wear it!

There are tons more beautiful patterned pendents to choose from-

You can buy a Teething Bling Patterned Pendant from smartmomjewelry.com for 19.99.


  1. autumn kelly says

    I always used a wet washcloth that I put in the freezer. It did the trick every time.

  2. Jennifer says

    these are awesome arent they?! and i love that they’re not plastic!

  3. Wow these are gorgeous! Much better than regular teethers.

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