The First Years Color Change Sippy Cups

The First Years Color Change Sippy Cups have become a hit in our home, fast. They are easy to clean, there are no small parts to lose, dishwasher safe, BPA free,  double wall insulated, leak proof and the kids love them! At first glance the cup looks like a normal sippy cup, but once you add something cold the magic begins and they change color!

Does it leak? Not a single drop comes out of these sippy cups! My kids carry them around upside down, shake them and leave them laying around all the time and we have yet to have a leak! The spout does sometimes get stuck closed and my kids can not get a sip from them (I am assuming this is from the extreme heat of the dishwasher) but a quick poke with my nail or a butter knife and they are back to normal.

Does it keep the drink cold? The double insulated wall keeps drinks inside cold for hours, and prevents sweating on the outside!  Once the color starts to fade, you know the drink is no longer cold!

Does it fit in a cup holder/my child’s hands? For a cup to be a keeper in my house, it must be easy for my kids to hold and tote around- But it also must fit in a cup holder. The First Years cup does both! Both my one and three year old are able to tote this cup around and it fits in my car cup holder and stroller cup holder.

How many pieces to make the cup work? Hard or soft top? There are only two pieces per sippy cup;  the cup and the lid. The lid is hard and if your child chews on it- it will leave marks.

Mom’s favorite feature? I have two favorite features of the First Years Color Change Sippy Cups.

  1. The Easy Clean Valve System– the valve is built right into the lid! No extra pieces and super easy to clean- toss it in the dishwasher and I am done!
  2. The color changing feature– Yes it looks cool, but more importantly it tricks my kids into drinking more water! The inside of the cup reflects against the water (or milk) and makes it look a different color! This is going to be perfect for this summer and keeping the kids hydrated!

Does my child like it? Well in case you haven’t learned by now… The cup changes color! That alone makes the kids go nuts for it! Add that to the Princess on the front and Carlee has a brand new favorite cup!  The cup comes in six different, well known to kids character lines. So you are sure to find a cup that your little one will love!

How much are they? The First Years Color Change Sippy Cups are sold at various retailers. The cheapest I found was 6.00 for a two pack, but they were on sale!

  • Walmart- $7.76
  • Target- $6.00
  • First Years- $10.99
  • Kohls- $9.00

Any downsides? If you have a child that bites lids, this cup may not be for you!

Specs: The First Years Color Change Sippy Cups are for ages 9months+ and hold 9oz!

The simplicity of this sippy cup alone makes it one that I strongly recommend trying out!


  1. christina skinner says

    These are so cool! My daughter will be fascinated by them. I love that they are hard top too.

  2. Fun but are they PBA free?

  3. Diane K. Brimmer says

    These are so great! I have them her for the granddaughters. I love the fact that the lid is hard plastic and can’t be chewed up.

  4. How fun are these! I love that they are easy to clean and don’t come with little parts! It is so hard to keep track of which part goes with which cup. This looks like something to try

  5. Gladys Parker says

    A cinch to clean and my grandchildren will adore that they are Disney not to mention they change colors!
    Gladys P

  6. Darlene Ysaguirre says

    How cool are these love the color change my kids would love these

  7. I bought these for my daughter before she was ready for sippy cups. We just started using them and they do work great however time to time they do leak through the vent hole. I bought a set of different sippy cups that are Disney endorsed and these work way better. The others leak from the sides where the lid connects to the cup.

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