The Four Most Iconic Snare Drums

The most enhancing feature of any drum kit is the snare. It can shift the tone of your sound from high to low, or fast to slow. It is a modifier, and a dominant aspect of any drumbeat.

When shopping, it’s important to ask consider several factors about specific snare types: What material is used? What is the style and framing

Over time, these features have been modified by drum manufactures as sound experimentation developed with music quality. But with any snare option these days, it’s important to know where these styles were adapted from, and what they have to offer to your individual style.

Here are four of the most iconic snare styles that have reverberated through history, which can all be found by shopping from

Ludwig Supraphonic

As a “choice of the pros,” this classic drum set holds a gold medal in drumming history.  Around since 1911, it is one of the most recorded snares in history.

The Supraphonic has been able to fit the needs of many drummers with its fine-tuning ability. With its aluminum metal shell this snare captures an ultimate sensitivity and has the ability for overwhelming projection in any space. Some say that it provides the ‘POP’ that they have been looking for.

With its versatility and sound enhancing qualities, it is an instrument many famous drummers have been drawn to throughout musical history and won’t ever disappoint.


As snare drums developed in the 60’s and 70’s, Tama was on the list of up and coming brand musicians sought after for fine crafted, Japanese-quality sound.

Known for their Japanese influence, Tama began manufacturing in 1965 under Star Drums, producing a brand known as Camco (which they soon bought out), as well as their own, Tama. With both productions, musicians looked past the name branding and chose Tama because of the pricing and high-rated quality.

With the STAR series, snares such as the Maple have a solid shell and flat bed making the sound supremely rich sound.  From consistent contact with each snare coil, the instruments unique design gained recognition by its in a crisp and articulate resonance.

Since then, Tama is still a top priority for a quality snare experience. The STAR series sounds like no other.

MAPEX Black Panther

This Taiwanese series is one of the most heavyweight drums on the market and the MAPEX Black Panther makes projection a priority, resonating like no other.

With more recently released products (early 2000’s), the Black Panther’s history has not maintained their renowned reputation quite as much as others. But the brand is known to provide a modern touch combined with a classic vintage sound.

Delicately designed with a sculpted brass shell, the Black Panther Sledgehammer Snare is one that reaches an extreme volume. There’s no denying that this set will get you rocking out.

With features such as the Sonic Saver Hoop, wear and tear is significantly reduced. This will ease the worry of playing “too hard” disappear so that you can rock hard.

Pearl Piccolo

The Free Floater snare series was developed by CB Percussion, and was eventually taken on by Pearl. It has become a personal favorite of many drum players.

As a smaller scaled snare, the condensed size makes a more high-pitched sound along with a snappier release. Most who use one say that it “dries” the resonance of any material shell that is chosen to play with.

With the ability to switch out the free-floating frame, this renovating style gives the ability for a change of pace in any musical situation.

The Pearl Piccolo is one of the top options for general-purpose play in terms of a free-floating snare. Because of its material and weight, it reacts specifically to the player’s style, making it a classic choice for any and all drummers out there.

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