“The coordinates of your heart” Necklace

Everyone has one special place in the world that they deem their most favorite place to be. I have quite a few. The hospitals I met my babies for the first time in, my childhood home, Walt Disney World. But I have to say  the coordinates of my heart, for now anyways- lie in my home.

My home is where I lay my head every night with my wonderful husband. Where my kids call home, and where I have accomplished so much for being only twenty three. My home means so very much to me!

The Vintage Pearl has the perfect necklace for you to symbolize your favorite place! They use use longitude and latitude to pinpoint the place that is closest to your heart! The necklace has a custom hand-sketched vintage compass with a sterling heart fused in the center on one sterling charm, and a long sterling rectangle displaying the longitude and latitude coordinates of your heart on the other.

All you do is tell them the coordinates, (or they can find them for you) and in a few short days you will have your beautiful necklace! All charms are hung on a sterling silver chain with a single freshwater pearl. You can opt for a different gem, but we purchased our home in June, so the pearl fit perfectly!

I love that The Vintage Pearl items come ready to gift. No wrapping needed!

I am very happy with my necklace. The numbers are very readable for so many numbers on such a small rectangle. I get lots of compliments and lots of questions about the necklace because the numbers are “different”. I love the noise the three charms make when they jangle together too! I was not sure I would like the ball chain- but I am so glad I choose it. It doesn’t get stuck in my hair at all- which is a huge plus for me!

I still wear my Layered Circle of Love necklace from The Vintage Pearl quite often- however for the time being this is my new favorite!

You can purchase your own “the coordinates of your heart” necklace at thevintagepearl.com for 62.00.


  1. That is really cute!!! As a geocacher coordinates have a lot of significance so that is super fitting.

  2. Canadian Mom Blogger says

    I love it! It’s really nice.

  3. What a pretty necklace!

  4. I love this necklace. I would also have my home as my location.

  5. That is really a neat idea

  6. ohkeeka [The Type A Housewife] says

    Wow, I’ve never seen anything like this before–it’s so pretty!

  7. That is SO cute! I love The Vintage Pearl- I don’t have any of their stuff but I drool over it all the time!

  8. I love everything I have seen from the Vintage Pearl! I really liked how everything is personalized 🙂

  9. I’ve seen a LOT of personalized jewelry but this is something truly unique and a wonderful idea. I LOVE it, especially for a long distance relationship or when a spouse is in the military!

  10. Beautiful – I love that style!

  11. This is very beautiful and a perfect gift idea! I am going to pass this along to my father so he can get one for my mother!

  12. I love everything from Vintage Pearl !

    Everything is beautiful !

  13. Skye,

    That is so beautiful and so UNIQUE! I love it!! I’ll be getting a necklace from The Vintage Pearl soon and I can’t wait!

  14. Now that’s really different. You explained it beautifully.

  15. Rachel Robertson says

    Wow what a novel idea! Love it!

  16. Lizzi Grimes says

    That is really pretty! Great idea for a Valentine’s Day gift.

  17. tammy ramey says

    that is such a cool necklace! i have 2 sisters with children that would love these and both of their birthdays are in June. also it would be great to give to my mom for christmas, not sure if they can do one with six kids #’s on it though.

    i’m going to go check right now.

    tammy ramey

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