The Wild Side of Oahu

Heather’s sister Megan had moved to the island of Oahu for her work after graduating university. Heather, who was two years younger and very close to her sister, kept trying to make it work to visit, but living in New York and attending university classes herself, it was difficult to find the time. Finally, during Christmas break Heather and Megan both had time so Heather could come and visit to see the island and spend some quality time with her sister.

Excited to be leaving the cold winters of New York, Heather packed her bags and headed to Oahu for a truly special Christmas vacation. Megan was waiting for her at the airport with an extra surprise for her sister. Since it had been such a long time since they’d seen each other, Megan had decided to schedule a photo shoot with a local professional photographer she knew on Oahu. Heather was thrilled; the last photos she had together with her sister, they were years younger.

They spent the first few days exploring Megan’s favorite spots on the islands as well as some new places she hadn’t been able to see yet. Even though she had been living on Oahu for some time, Megan had been so busy with work that she hadn’t had the time to do many of the tourist activities on the island. Having Heather come and visit gave her the chance to do some local vacationing and have some fun.

Hiking up to Waimea Falls was a new activity for Megan, and something she had wanted to do since coming to Oahu. Being able to do the hike together with Heather made it even more special. Megan also made sure to bring Heather to Pearl Harbor; it was one of the first places she had visited when she moved to Oahu because of the historic significance of the place. Heather agreed that it was a somber, but important attraction on the island, and she was glad she had the chance to see it.

They decided to go to Waikiki a few days early before they were scheduled to meet the photographer from Localgrapher to do the photo shoot. The sisters had decided to take a few days in style and book rooms at one of the resorts located on the beach. They enjoyed trying out water sports, eating at local restaurants, and sun bathing on the beach.

For the day of the photo shoot, Heather and Megan were hoping to take most of the pictures with the ocean in the background. The photographer agreed, since of course the ocean was iconic to Oahu and the Hawaiian Islands. They got some shots, but found it difficult with all the tourists on the beach. Thanks to the photographer in Oahu who knew the Waikiki area well, they were able to move the photo shoot to some quieter areas that were still beautiful places for pictures. By the end of the day, Heather and Megan had pictures of the two of them walking in the surf, leaning against palm trees, and generally enjoying the energy of Oahu.

While Heather wanted to spend more time together with Megan, she had to get back to her university classes and Megan had to return to her job. Although they would be far apart once more, now they both had pictures of the wonderful time they shared together to keep them dreaming about the adventures they would have the next time they were together in Oahu.

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