Three Unique Ways to Express Creativity and Individuality

No one person is alike. We come in different sizes, shapes, and nationalities, along with our own unique personalities, thoughts and beliefs. Our uniqueness is really what makes the world go round, and without it, it would be one boring world.

Have you ever sat and thought about what makes you unique? Maybe it’s how you respond to certain situations; or maybe it’s how you tend to see the beauty in what most would deem as ugly. Whatever your unique aspects may be, they are truly what makes you who you are, and definitely sets you apart from the rest.

There are of course several areas that allow you to express your uniqueness and individuality, but the most popular areas are clothes, the arts, and music. All three of these areas give way for you to be carefree in your expression of creativity and individuality, so let’s explore exactly just how to do that!


Clothes can say so much about a person. Your choice of clothing is actually a direct reflection of your personality, and sometimes even a reflection of what type of mood you’re in. It’s something you don’t really think about too often, but it is a proven fact.

Have you ever been shopping and seen a shirt or hat that would be perfect for someone else, and ended up buying it for them just because it’s “so them?” We all have. You buy it for them because that particular article of clothing matched their persona.

The same thing applies for children. If you have a daughter who loves unicorns, or a son that is a sports fanatic, then you want to dress them in clothes that allow their personalities to shine. In order for them to grow and blossom, they need to feel comfortable in what they’re wearing.

Arts & Crafts

Arts and crafts are probably the most common, and popular, way to express creativity. This expression of creativity starts at an early age too; as young as toddlers. All the coloring books, painting sets, and even Play-doh, were, and still are, big contributing factors to our creativity.

The creativity doesn’t just end in grade school either. There are some of us who have carried our creativity on into adulthood. Those who still have remainders of creativity left in their bodies are also known as, “DIYers.” DIY stands for “do it yourself.”

Doing it yourself saves you from going to the store and buying certain things. DIYers come up with the best personalized gifts, can create unique pieces of artwork, and can even cook up meals that taste better than the restaurants…all because they cooked it with their own unique flare!


The type of music you listen can speak volumes about your personality. Your choice in music can cause one to think of you as “weird,” just because you may not listen to the same type of music they enjoy.

There are actually lots of people who listen to a wide variety of music; they don’t just put themselves into one category, and it can come as a shock to some people when they discover the multiple genres of music their friends enjoy.

You may have a friend who typically listens to country music, but then you notice one day that they’re listening to Hip-Hop. Or, you might have a friend who is a hard core rap fan, but then you look at their playlist and see classical music songs on there. It can definitely catch you off guard, but that just goes to show you that no one can be fit into a box. Just because someone like country music, that doesn’t mean that’s the only type of music they enjoy. That reason alone is one of the eccentricities that allows our creativity and individuality to shine.

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