Tips in Picking Stuffs for Your Baby

You have been anxiously expecting your baby for the past several months and now that the due date is around the corner, it’s time to get that baby shopping list and head to the stores. Most parents are shy to admit that they made a few mistakes on their first baby stuff choices. So no one will practically warn you about this, especially if you’re a first-time parent. Hence, before you click on the order button of every nice stuff you think you would need, make sure you carefully analyze the need. Is it really worth it? Remember wise choices get the best value for your money.

Today’s shopping tips can save you from frustration and bank balance.

Used Baby Gear? Conduct A Security Check

Yes, you might be tempted to go for hand downs as a way of saving money, but that shouldn’t blind you into considering it as safe as new. Ensure to conduct a thorough research on the product to ensure they meet the current safety standards. It doesn’t matter how much you know and trusts the seller, you should always prioritize peace of mind when shopping for your baby. You definitely don’t want to spend on something that’s already on a recall list.

Check The Compatibility of That Car Seat

You might have liked the color and the model of a specific car seat, but unfortunately, that isn’t enough to get your spending. If possible, go shopping with your car and ensure the baby car seat you select perfectly fits into your backseat. Some car seats give an awkward fitting even in small cars. Also, if you and your partner use different car models, then it’s wise to consider getting a quality base for your car seat, to make transferring easy.

Additionally, don’t forget to compare prices at different stores for the same item. And if you will be having more children in the future, get a quality car seat that can push you through toddlerhood.

Don’t Overlook The Baby Carrier

Most people tend to forsake the baby carrier in exchange for a stroller. But the fact is that you will need both of them, even if walking isn’t your cup of tea. Trust us, you will find it quite useful with time and they’re definitely worth their price. The best thing you can do is inquire around for the best latest models. Don’t forget to place an emphasis on their material; the breathable, it’s better for you and the baby. Nowadays getting a front-carrier makes the best choice as it’s easy to walk around with the baby and have your hands free to do other things. Don’t forget to go for one with a waist strap as it helps in weight distribution.

How Safe Is The Playpen?

When going for the best baby playpen, look out for the label to ensure it meets the necessary safety standards. Also, ensure the sides are at least 20-inches high and if there is any mesh, then the holes should be small(at most 1/4-inch) to protect those little fingers. Don’t forget to get bumped for protection and a firm mattress for comfort.

Invest In A Convertible Crib

Given the amount of money cribs cost, they don’t have to serve your baby for a restricted period of time. Why not instead invest in a convertible one once and for all? Yes, it might be expensive, but you will find it cheaper in the long run. This way, you can easily convert it from a baby crib to a toddler bed over the next couple of years. You just have to take your time weighing out options before settling for one. Get some reviews if possible as some are only good for the eyes.

A Baby Bouncer; A Must-have

There is probably a lot of gadgets in your “to buy” list as a new/expecting parent. But we do hope that the baby bouncer comes at the top of the list. It’s better to consider one with a timer or automatic switch for convenience purposes. As much as you would want your baby to feel pampered, you also don’t want them to be over-reliant on those vibrations and movements to fall asleep.

Also, consider one with an easy-to-remove cover, so get to clean it often. It gets better if it’s machine washable

The list of items you would need for your little one’s first year would determine the amount of money you spend. Therefore, if you feel you can pull-through without some of them, it’s better to leave them out for later. Also, don’t allow too much time to pass before deciding on the baby stuff you need, the anxiety of nearing your delivery date without adequate stuff can lead you into making hasty choices. Remember the safety and comfort of your baby entirely depends on you, so always aspire to make them proud.

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